Docker and Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes | How are they better together?

Containers have revolutionized the application deployment! Docker and Kubernetes go hand-in-hand and work the best together. Docker provides an open source standard to “create” a container and K8s helps to “manage’ these containers by automating the rest of the process. Docker and Kubernetes certainly seem to be a on stop solution for application deployment as of now.

Docker containers will help you to isolate and pack your software with all its dependencies. Kubernetes on the other hand will help you to deploy and orchestrate your containers. The take away is that when you combine Docker and Kubernetes, confidence and productivity increase for everyone.

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This post covers:

• What is Docker?

• How Does Docker Work?

• What is Kubernetes?

• How Does Kubernetes Work?

• How Does Kubernetes Work with Docker?

• Application Deployment using Kubernetes and Docker

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