Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes Deployment and Step-by-Step Guide to Deployment: Update, Rollback, Scale & Delete

Kubernetes is one of the hottest buzz-words in today’s IT industry. In spite of Kubernetes being a container orchestration platform, we don’t manage containers directly. Well, deploying an application onto Kubernetes using any container service is no rocket science. The process of manually updating containerized applications can be time-consuming and monotonous. Upgrading a service to the next version requires starting the new version of the pod, stopping the old version of a pod, waiting and verifying that the new version has launched successfully, and sometimes rolling it all back to a previous version in the case of failure. Performing these steps manually can lead to human errors!

➤ Kubernetes Deployment

A Kubernetes deployment makes this process automated and repeatable. Deployments are entirely managed by the K8s. There are a lot of strategies for this too, it depends on what is the best option for your requirements. A Kubernetes Deployment is used to tell Kubernetes how to create or modify instances of the pods that hold a containerized application. All in all, K8s take off a lot of weight from our shoulders.

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which covers:

• What Problems Does Kubernetes Solve?

• Kubernetes Deployment

• Kubernetes Deployment Features

• Types of Deployment

• Step-by-step Kubernetes Deployment

• Prerequisites for K8s Deployment

• Kubernetes Deployment on a Cluster

  •   Update a Kubernetes Deployment
  •  Rollback Kubernetes Deployment
  • Scale-Up of a Kubernetes Deployment
  • Scale-Down of a Kubernetes Deployment
  • Delete the Kubernetes Deployment

• Kubernetes Deployment: Tinder’s Move to Kubernetes

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