DevOps vs CloudOps

DevOps vs CloudOps: Lifecycle, Best Practices, and Differences


DevOps is made of two words Development and Operation. It is a methodology that focuses on agility and bringing teams together to perform Software and IT operations. Using DevOps, organization enhances processes and achieves efficiency in their business.


CloudOps has been coined from two words- “Cloud and Operation.” It is the process by which companies migrate its application and services to the cloud. CloudOps helps define the cloud strategy to reform the IT services and optimize them

Relationship between CloudOps and DevOps

CloudOps uses various operations and procedures followed in DevOps when applications are migrated to the cloud. Hence DevOps functionality in cloud shell is to make decisions and conduct automation. In return, CloudOps helps DevOps to accomplish agile methodology and attain speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Together they help deliver a secure, reliable, robust, rapid, and scalable system.

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