Prometheus Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes Prometheus Monitoring: Metrics, Scrape and Installation with Helm

🀯 Monitoring is crucial whether you are experimenting or using the production-based cluster. But it is no easy task if you want a human to do it as many pieces make a production-grade environment.

πŸ€” But then Kubernetes has it all, right? Well, yes and no! Yes, because it offers an official Kubernetes Dashboard. However, it’s not a complete solution for managing a cluster and also the K8s environment.πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

☸️ Kubernetes Dashboard πŸ“Š The K8s Dashboard is an official Web UI provided by the Kubernetes to deploy applications, troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters, and manage resources. So, all-in-all you can use a Dashboard to get an overview of applications running on your cluster.

🧐 The Dashboard is not optimal when used with a complex system environment. And, it is not advisable to use the Dashboard as it lacks a lot of features. Need not worry, and we got Prometheus and Grafna to the rescue.

🀩 πŸ”₯ Prometheus – Prometheus is an open-source tool used for metrics-based monitoring and alerting.

πŸ₯ Grafana – Grafana is a leading open-source monitoring and analytics platform that works with every database.

😈 The devil is in the details indeed. We know you are interested.

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