Kubernetes Health Check with Readiness Probe and LivenessProbe

🦠In a recent study, scientists have concluded that the Coronavirus also infects the Kubernetes pods 🤯

🩺 That is why we need to do Health Check for Kubernetes! Of course, I was kidding; but a health check or probe is indeed a method of checking the health of a Kubernetes pod.

🩹 What is Health Check or Kubernetes Probe? The process of checking the ‘health’ of Kubernetes to see if they are working correctly and receiving traffic is health checks, a.k.a, probes.

♻️ Lifecycle of a Pod Check out the states in a lifecycle of a Kubernetes Pod:

Running: The Running status states that a container is executing successfully.

Terminated: The termination state of a container is caused by either completion or failure from the running state.

Waiting: A container is Waiting when it is neither in Running nor in the Terminated state. ❓

Why do we need Kubernetes Probes?

K8s checks individual containers’ health to ascertain the overall pod health. But, with probes, we can determine whether a container is dead or alive and decide if K8 s should momentarily halt other containers from accessing it.

🤓 Fancy to see them in action with some cool graphics? Check this blog out https://k21academy.com/kubernetes52 where we have covered the following topics with a complete hands-on:

➪ What are health check probes?

➪ Lifecycle of a Kubernetes Pod

➪ Why are Kubernetes Probes Important?

➪ Types of Probes

➪ Liveness Probe

➪ Readiness Probe

➪ How to Create Kubernetes Probes?

➪ Create LivenessProbe

➪ Create ReadinessProbe

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