Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate | AI 102 | Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs)

Check out the blog at to know the Hands-On Labs that you must perform in order to learn to design and implement an Azure AI solution & clear the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification [AI-102].
The blog covers:
 Get Started with Cognitive Services
 Manage Cognitive Services Security
 Monitor Cognitive Services
 Use a Cognitive Services Container
 Analyze Text
 Translate Text
 Recognize and Synthesize Speech
 Translate Speech
 Create a Language Understanding App
 Create a Language Understanding Client Application
 Use the Speech and Language Understanding Services
 Create a QnA Solution
 Create a Bot with the Bot Framework SDK
 Create a Bot with Bot Framework Composer
 Analyze Images with Computer Vision
 Analyze Video with Video Indexer
 Classify Images with Custom Vision
 Detect Objects in Images with Custom Vision
 Detect, Analyze, and Recognize Faces
 Read Text in Images
 Extract Data from Forms
 Create an Azure Cognitive Search solution
 Create a Custom Skill for Azure Cognitive Search
 Create a Knowledge Store with Azure Cognitive Search

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