Ansible Provisioning

Ansible Provisioning: Provision the Environment to Deploy a Website

Ansible provisioning is the hottest topic among infrastructure provisioning tools these days. Provisioning becomes very annoying when it needs to be done manually. So, to tackle these kinds of issues, Ansible came into the picture.
↬ What is Ansible? Ansible is an open-source automation tool for deploying applications, workstations, servers, cloud provisioning, and configuration management. Ansible makes the job of developers and system administrators very easy.
↬ Where can we use Ansible Automation?

• Configuration Management

• Application Deployment

• Provisioning

• Continuous Delivery

• Orchestration

• Security and Compliance

↬ Need for Ansible Provisioning
Deploying large applications require automatic provisioning of infrastructure. If there are 20 systems that need to be provisioned, you are not going to provision them one by one manually. Rather you can use Ansible to provision one host, and the rest will be provisioned automatically.

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