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Google Cloud Pricing Calculation

➤ Google Cloud stands out among cloud providers because of its cutting-edge tools and services. In 2021, Gartner named Google Cloud the top in the IaaS Magic Quadrant.

➤ Google Cloud is a collection of Google’s cloud computing services. The platform offers a variety of services, including computing, storage, networking, Big Data, and others, all of which are hosted on the same infrastructure that Google employs for its internal customers, such as Google Search and YouTube.

➤ And in order to access the Cloud services, we need to pay some amount.

➤ In order to get access to the Cloud Services let us first understand the GCP Pricing. To estimate the price of your Google Cloud resources please have a look at this blog – https://k21academy.com/gcp36

This blog will cover:

☁ What is Google Cloud Platform?

☁ Google Cloud Pricing Features.

☁ Exploring GCP without paying.

☁ Comparisons between other Cloud Service providers and much more!!

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