Ansible Roles: Steps to Create and Manage

Are you using 🅰️ Ansible and don’t know much about Ansible Playbook and Ansible Roles ⁉️ Here is a brief introduction for you ‼️

➤ What is Ansible Playbook?

You might be familiar with the Ansible playbook. These are a complete collection of tasks containing configuration and deployment instructions.

➤ What are Ansible Roles?

Ansible Roles are much simpler than Ansible Playbooks. All the tasks of the Ansible playbook are divided into different modules called Ansible Roles. Roles provide a framework for independent and interdependent collections of variables, tasks, modules, and templates. Ansible Roles helps in modulation, and for a developer, it’s much easier to manage these roles.

➤ How to create Ansible Roles?

Ansible Roles are much similar to a playbook. The only difference between both is that Ansible Playbook runs a single YAML file, whereas Ansible Roles are multiple subparts of the Ansible Playbook YAML file. So the process is much similar, and if you have already worked on Ansible Playbook, it will be much easier for you to understand the steps. Check out the blog link below that will give a complete step-by-step tutorial to create Ansible Roles with a detailed explanation.

➤ This blog will cover the following topics in detail.

• Overview of Ansible

• What are Ansible Roles

• Install and Configure Ansible

• Create Ansible Roles

• Execute Ansible Roles

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