Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS): Everything you must know

Not every company can own and staff a data center; there is a lot involved.
So where can you turn if you need the highest-performing and most available infrastructure for running Oracle Database? There is a Service Exadata Cloud Service that gives a solution to the problem.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service is the best place for customers to run Oracle Database workloads in the cloud. Dedicated X8M infrastructure is isolated from other users, allowing database teams to improve security, performance, and uptime for customer databases.

If you want to know about Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS), So you are in the right blog.

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Topics that we covered in this blog:
• Exadata Cloud Service(ExaCS)
• ExaCS Supported Database Edition & Versions
• Lifecycle Management(ExaCS)
• Why choose Exadata Cloud Service?
• Exadata Cloud Service Typical Deployment Flow
• Best Practices for Exadata Cloud Service Instances

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