Agile Software Development Lifecycle

 We are surrounded by automated machines  and devices that runs various software in them. Without any proper plan , it can be challenging for organizations  to build and deploy  software. So, organizations  follow some methodologies  for software development.
 What is Agile?
➪ Agile is a methodology for project management and software development.
 Why Agile?
➪ Agile helps team to plan, build and deliver the best product with minimal effort.
 Agile SDLC
Agile SDLC or Agile Software Development Lifecycle is the complete lifespan of the software product from plan to release.
 Agile SDLC Phases
An Agile SDLC has six phases in general that is Concept, Inception, Iteration, Release, Maintenance and Retirement. So, want to learn more about Agile?
Check out this blog which covers everything about Agile Software Development Lifecycle –
  • What is Agile?
  • Agile Software Development Lifecycle
  • Advantages of Agile SDLC
  • Disadvantages of Agile SDLC
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