Python Tutorial: Introduction and Installation

 Programming languages  enable us to communicate with our machines  and plays a crucial role in machine automation .
 What is Python?
➪ Python is an open-source interpreted high-level programming language used by most developers around the world.
 Why Python?
Python has various benefits like it is simple, user-friendly, portable and flexible to use.
 Python Applications
➪ Python has various applications like software & web development, web scraping, artificial intelligence, and many more.
 Python Installation
➪ Python is an open-source language and you can download and install it on your system by following the steps listed in the blog below. So, want to learn more about Python?

Check out this blog which covers a brief introduction and step-by-step tutorial to install Python –

  • Overview of Python
  • Why Python?
  • Python Applications
  • Download and Install Python
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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