Azure Security vs AWS security

Azure Security vs AWS Security

πŸ“ŒWhat is Cloud Security?
When starting with Azure security or AWS Security we should first go with basics i.e. Cloud Security.
Cloud security refers to the measures taken to protect data, applications, and infrastructure in a cloud computing environment

πŸ“Œ Azure Security: What it is | Features
Azure security refers to the measures and practices that are implemented to protect Azure resources and data from unauthorized access, misuse, and threat.
Some key features of Azure security include:
Identity and access management, Network security, Data security, etc.

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1. What is Cloud Security?
2. Azure Security: What it is | Features
3. Difference between Azure security vs AWS Security
4. Reasons to choose Azure Security over AWS Security
5. Reasons to choose AWS Security
6. Job opportunities with AZ-500 certification
and more …

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