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Difference Between Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance

As an Exadata DMA, you need to better understand the overall hardware configuration, storage configuration, network configuration, and operating environment of the Exadata Database Machine. 😎 [BLOG] Difference Between Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance Let’s discuss the Key differences between Exadata Database Machine & Oracle Database Appliance. 🧐 Visit: to know why Exadata Database […]

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[BLOG] Important Features of Exadata

Are you a Beginner who is just starting to learn Exadata? [BLOG] Important Features of Exadata Click Down Below 👇🏻 & get to know about Exadata Administration, Cellcli commands, Networking Topology, Flash cache etc. Comment down below and let us know if this proved to be helpful to you. If you were able to […]

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Exadata Overview & Architecture

Beginner To Oracle Exadata ?? [Blog] Exadata Overview & Architecture Get Started with Oracle Exadata & learn Overview and Architecture including Migrating Database to the Engineered system (Exadata). Exadata is a database appliance designed by Oracle, that has the competency to provide support to a combination of database systems. Visit the link 👉🏽 to […]

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