It has come to my notice again that few readers are copying content from here & my other site in to their own site .

Please note that my both sites are protected under copyright act and its illegal to copy content without my prior permission. Vikas at appsdbablog dot wordpress dot com has copied Interview Questions . Please note that I can take legal actions but since we belong to same community ( Apps DBA) and I think Vikas has done it under ignorance so I am not going in to legal actions at this minute. I expect owner of site appsdbablog at wordpress to remove my content/interview Q’s .

Those of you who think that its illegal to copy others work ; kindly leave a note/comment to our friend Vikas at asking him to remove my content from his page.

You can very well create link on your site referring to study material at this site or my any other site . Lets make internet better & healthy way to share knowledge.

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