Apache WebGate is one of the widely used webgates in most of the enterprises. Oracle has been releasing OHS 11g webgates for OAM 11gR1, R2 PS1 and R2 PS2 releases. However Oracle has released Apache 11g R2 PS1 webgate with OAM 11g R2 PS1 release and it can be downloaded from edelivery.oracle.com -> Oracle Fusion Middleware -> Oracle Fusion Middleware Identity Management 11g R2 Media Pack -> Oracle Access Manager Apache 2.2 WebGates

This PS1 Apache WebGate can be used with OAM 11gR2 PS1 and R2 PS2.

Apache WebGate Installation:

Pre-requisites: Ensure that JRE 1.6 or higher is installed in the Webgate machine.

Silent installation procedure:

./runInstaller -jreLoc <<JRE_LOCATION>> -invPtrLoc <<ORA_INV_LOCATION>> -silent -response <<RESPONSE_FILE>>

Response File contents:


Response File Version=


#Provide the Oracle Home location. The location has to be the immediate child under the specified Middleware Home location. The Oracle Home directory name may only contain alphanumeric , hyphen (-) , dot (.) and underscore (_) characters, and it must begin with an alphanumeric character. The total length has to be less than or equal to 128 characters.

#Provide existing Middleware Home location.




NOTE: Note that only ORACLE_HOME is required and not MIDDLEWARE_HOME unlike for OHS 11g webgate.

Post-Installation Steps:

  1. Goto <<ORACLE_HOME>>/webgate/apache/tools/deployWebGate
  2. Run the command ./deployWebGateInstance.sh -w <<WEBGATE_INSTANCE_DIR>> -oh <<ORACLE_HOME>> -ws apache
  3. Goto <<ORACLE_HOME>>/webgate/apache/tools/setup/InstallTools
  4. Run the command ./EditHttpConf -f <<WEBGATE_INSTANCE_DIR>>/httpd.conf -oh <<ORACLE_HOME>> -w <<WEBGATE_INSTANCE_DIR>>-ws apache
  5. Copy the WebGate artifacts from OAM Server domain output folder. For example, /opt/oam/11gr2/fmw/user_projects/domains/mydomain/output/Apache_WebGate.
  6. Restart the Apache web server.


The <<WEBGATE_INSTANCE_DIR>> is location where Apache conf file is present , for example /home/apache/conf.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable need not be set unlike for OHS 11g webgate.

Test the WebGate:

Access the Apache home page and verify that Apache Webgate intercepting the requests.


If the Apache webgate is not intercepting the requests, make sure that webgate.conf file is created under apache conf folder and httpd.conf is updated to include webgate.conf. Also, verify the webgate.conf file for contents and verify the ObAccessClient.xml present in Apache conf/webgate/config folder.