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How to set up SSH for No Password on SunOS

This setup will allow you to log in to another account without having to provide the password.      Identify the Sun Server’s and its user id’s among which you wish to enable secure session without passwords. The below steps concentrates on SSH2, the second version of SSH. Don’t use the first version any longer; it […]

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Sharing File System between SunOS Servers

Servers: Indapp001 and Usaapp002 To do: To mount “/export/home” of Indapp001 on Usaapp002. Issue the following commands on Indapp001: 1. Share the required file system “/export/home” of Indapp001. Start the nfs server on Indapp001. # svcadm enable network/nfs/server 2. Share the “/export/home” of Indapp001 for everyone on the network. #share -F nfs -o rw -d […]

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Introduction to Zones : Solaris 10

This post covers new feature ZONESintroduced in Solaris 10,  zone is virtualized solaris operating system within Solaris. You can install multiple Solaris Operating System (Multiple Machine) with in Single Big Machine. This will help in consolidating multiple small Solaris machine into one big machine with multiple Solaris operating system each running different application. Zones: is virtualized […]

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