Sharing File System between SunOS Servers

Servers: Indapp001 and Usaapp002

To do: To mount “/export/home” of Indapp001 on Usaapp002.

Issue the following commands on Indapp001:
1. Share the required file system “/export/home” of Indapp001.
Start the nfs server on Indapp001.
# svcadm enable network/nfs/server

2. Share the “/export/home” of Indapp001 for everyone on the network.
#share -F nfs -o rw -d “home dirs” /export/home

Issue the following commands on Usaapp002:
3. From Usaapp002 check which files are shared on Indapp001 for NFS mount.
# showmount -e Indapp001
export list for Indapp001:
/export/home (everyone)

4. Create mount point on Usaapp002 “t2”
#mkdir /t2

5. Mount file system of Indapp001 “/export/home” on Usaapp002
# mount Indapp001:/export/home /t2

6. Checked the mounted file system by issuing the “df -h” command:
# df -h /t2
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
29G 3.1G 25G 11% /t2

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I am Rajat Dey and I have more than decade of Oracle experience from all major regions throughout the globe. I am well versed in most facets of Oracle, supporting database, fusion middleware and the eBusiness suite across many operating system platforms.Currently I am located in Sydney  Oracle Financials 11i and Release 12,12.2  Oracle RDBMS 7x,8i , 9i,10g and 11g  Amazon cloud .  Oracle RAC 10g and 11g  Oracle Applications Server  Oracle Web logic Server  OBIEE  Hyperion  SSO  Oracle Portal  PL/SQL  UNIX  SQL  MS-SQL 2008.  OEM 12c .  Data Guard .  Essbase .  Database backup and recovery.  Performance Tunning.  TimeSten

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syed ahmed says July 30, 2008

briefly describe the file system and architecture of oracle 11i

Rajat says July 30, 2008

Hi ,

pls check in the below website

Broadly Oracle 11i has been divided into two parts application tier and database tier , we have three Oracle Home ,
$ORACLE_HOME for oracle database
$ORACLE_HOME in application for Tech steck, we
have 8.0.6 oracle which FORMS and Reports use to get the database connectivity.
$IAS_ORACLE_HOME Oracle Apache Home/web server, which will be used by Apache , web server.

In Application Tier 3 imp file system :-
we have $ORCALE_HOME
$APPL_TOP Under this Dir we have all the configuration file including our context and .env file
$COMMON_TOP Having ,All the important scripts
$APPLLOG/$APPLCSF Log file dir ,
all the modules executables are residing under his own top as eg,$PO_TOP
and $AU_TOP
There is lot more i ill keep on writting.

In database We have only important Dir $ORACLE_HOME
$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil which is having all the scripts.

I have described very briefly , you need to go through document .

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