Overview on How to Configure Discoverer 10g with Oracle Apps

By now you might already be aware of that Discoverer 4i (which is shipped with Oracle Apps 11i) is desupported so Should we start looking for New discoverer Version and answers is YES we should.

Today I am going to cover overview fo 10g Discoverer & few important thing you should know before configuring 10g Discoverer with Oracle Applications 11i.

What all Discoverer Versions available with Apps ?
You can configure Discoverer 10g Release 1 i.e. version 9.0.4 (Yes version 9.0.4 is also called as Discoverer 10g Rel 1) or latest certified is Discoverer 10g Release 2 i.e. Version 10.1.2. I suggest you go for Discoverer version 10.1.2 .

Can I upgrade Discoverer 4i to 10g ?
No Upgrade of 4i to 10g is not supported (Please check what I mean by not supported in next line) , only option is to install new discoverer 10g software & Upgrade 4i EUL to 10g EUL (EUL Upgrade is supported) If you want to know what is EUL or basics of Discoverer click http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com/2006/11/discoverer-in-oracle-applications.html

Can I Install Discoverer 10g in Existing ORACLE_HOME with Oracle Apps ?
No , Oracle Discoverer with 1og should be in its own oracle_home, It can’t share home with any other oracle_home like 8.0.6 or iAS .
Though it can be on same machine where your Apps Middle tier or Can be on separate Machine.

Limitation for Discoverer 9.0.4 & 10.1.2
Configuring Discoverer 9.0.4 or 10.1.2 is currently certified only with Apps 11.5.8 to 11.5.10

More on How to configure 10g Discoverer with Apps
Installation Document …
Location to download Discoverer Software …
Coming soon ..

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Anonymous says November 8, 2006

Hi Atul,

Please also devote some articles on Workflow Mailer.


Atul Kumar says November 8, 2006

I’ll surely put this week after discoverer configuration post .


Anonymous says April 27, 2007

Hi Atul,
My client is currently on discoverer 4i and soon be migrating to Discoverer 10g (which will be configured with Oracle e-business suite 11.5.10).Can you please let me know the pre-requisites for discoverer 10g installation and does it required to be have oracle application server 10g?
I will appreciate if you can also let me know how to configure disco 10g with oracle e-biz.
Thanks in advance.

Atul Kumar says April 28, 2007

For any apps quesries/questions / doubts raise them in forum at http://teachMeOracle.com/forum

or use metalink note #

313418.1 Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

ram says November 1, 2007

Hi Atul,
Dear Senthil,

We are trying to evaluate the Discoverer 10g, by importing the Oracle EBS Standard EUL and Worksheet. All the steps are successful and we are stuck with running adupdeul.sh on the standalone server.

It would be of great help, if you can sort out this. I cannot open the TAR as we don’t have license now. I have done all the steps as mentioned in the note : 313418.1

Now, I am in the line 7 of the above note, running adupdeul.sh, which gives error

adupdeul: cannot find executable ‘dis4adm.exe’ in
notgiven directory.
Please use iashome for Dicoverer 10G and above.

Our EBS is in Unix and 10g Admin and Disco is in WIN 2003

We have mounted the Unix $AU_TOP/discover directory as U:\ in WIN 2003

Given below the script being run from WIN 2003 server

I am not using MKS Toolkit.
sh adupdeul.sh connect=sysadmin/sysadmin@test resp=”System Administrator” gwyuid=APPLSYSPUB/PUB fndnam=APPS secgroup=”Standard” topdir=. language=US eulprefix=apps_disco eultype=OLTP mode=complete iashome=F:\ORACLE\BIToolsHome_1\BIN logfile=import_complete_eul_us_cust115.log


xyz says June 17, 2008

Can some one answer this.I am facing the same problem.

xyz says June 17, 2008

Can some one answer this. I am facing the same problem. Any suggestion.

Atul says June 17, 2008

Ram & XYZ,
Check metalink note # 444372.1 Adupdeul: Cannot Find Executable ‘Dis4adm.Exe’

ps8tech says May 24, 2009

Recently we upgraded Oracle Discoverer 4i to Oracle Discoverer 10g.

Earlier Oracle Dicoverer 4i reports used to run very fast (response time less than 20 secs), but now Discoverer 10g is taking around 4-5 minutes to retrieve the data.

Could you please advice, how this performance issue can be resolved?


rramanb says July 2, 2009

Hi Atul,

I could see you are doing a good job. I have a simple question about migrating the End User Layers. My client currently has the Standard EUL in Discoverer. They use database username to access the Discoverer EUL and some sort of Roles to restrict access to the EUL. They wanted to go with the APPS mode EUL from now onwards. Is there any way to migrate the Database mode EUL to Apps mode EUL? I know we can do upgrades of EUL from one version to another but is this possible? Or, do i need to install the Apps Mode EUL and create all the Business Areas/Workbooks from scratch?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Naveen K. SR says November 27, 2009

Hi Atul

Though I am new to this Application Servers, Can you please explain me how to connect Oracle10gAS to the remote system production database(10g) on RHEL4 platform.

Looking forward to your reply

Naveen K. SR

Atul Kumar says November 27, 2009

@ Naveen,
I am not clear with your doubt regarding

How to connect Oracle10gAS to the remote system production database(10g) ?

Do you wish to connect from discoverer middle tier on Oracle10gAS to remote database (10g) ?
Do you wish to use remote database (10g) to host metadata of Oracle application server (Portal/Wireless/Disco/Forms type of installation) ?

Naveen says November 30, 2009

Hi Atul

Actually I want to implement Discoverer, I want to know how to connect from discoverer middle tier on O10gAS to remote O10g database. And at the same time I want to know how the client systems should access from AS.

If you help me, that would be the great pleasure


Atul Kumar says December 1, 2009

@ Naveen,
Create tns entry in tnsnames.ora in Discoverer Middle Tier $TNS_ADMIN location and then use that TNS alias from dicoverer middle tier to connect to remote database

use URL like

http:// servername : port /discoverer/viewer
http:// servername : port /discoverer/plus

Single Sign-On configuration is optional

prasad says September 10, 2010

Hi all,

Please help i have urgent requirement, I need to migrate Dicoverer all components from 4 to 10G.

Please help on this , If you any document Please share with me my gmail:


Advance thanks to all


Atul Kumar says September 10, 2010

@ Prasad,
Check metalink note 312234.1 How to Migrate or Upgrade from Discoverer 3.1 or 4.1 to Discoverer 10.1.2

This doc has link to other docs which you would need to upgrade.

Ashwani Gupta says November 10, 2011

Hi Atul,

We are going to upgrade Oracle database 10g to 11g R2 and for that very reason we want to migrade our oracle discovere 10g to oracle discoverer 11g.

Here I did google and found out the installation procedure of FMW 11g but I still have one question.Once we create new schema using RCU for oracle discovere 11g , then how can we migrate our old schema of oracle discovere 10g in to new oracle discovere 11g schema created by RCU.?

Your help would eb much appreciated.


Atul Kumar says November 13, 2011

@ Ashwani Gupta ,
There are two parts of discoverer DB objects a) Metatadata which in 11g you configure using config.sh and then EUL which has end user layer which sits in EBS database of EBS-DISCO integration

chusendra says January 10, 2012

sir, please provide me DBA interview questions on Archiecture & installation, i am learning appsdba from techbricks

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