Discoverer 10g & Oracle 11i Configuration Steps

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Lets start today with broad level Steps to Install & configure 10g Discoverer with Apps 11i , in end you can see metalink note & other references.
Please Note that Steps mentioned here are specifically from version

1.Install 10g Oracle Application Server Release 2 i.e.
2.Copy DBC file from $FND_SECURE(E-Business Suite Tier) to $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/secure(Discoverer Home Installed in Step1)
3. Update tnsnames.ora in DISCO ORACLE_HOME installed in Step1 to point to E-Business Suite 11i Database
4. Migrate your EUL (End User Layer) from 4i to 10g EUL (Please Note upgrade from EUL3i to direct 10g is not supported , you have to first upgrade eul to4i & then to 10g)
5. Select JVM for Disco Plus (you can Oracle’s Jinitiator or Sun Java Plug-in)
6. Apply Necessary Apps Patch for compatibility Issues (For list of patches check Metalink Note mentioned below)
7. Change Profile options to point to 10g Discoverer from 4i

All these Steps above are compulsory steps , I have not mentioned Optional Steps like Single Sign On Server configuration and generating Business Layers. Also steps mentioned here are configurations related to Apps DBA’s perspective for functional steps refer to document mentioned below.

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santosh says November 9, 2006

does installing 10g Oracle Application Server Release 2 i.e. itself is installing discoverer? what would be the URL to access discoverer then?

Atul Kumar says November 9, 2006

Yes Santosh,
when you install Application Sever (With Middle Tier Option as BI & Forms) this will install Discoverer & rest other steps are configuring it with E-Business Suite . That’s why I mentioned in my previous post that Upgarding Discoverer is not supported but its New Install & Upgarde only EUL

Atul Kumar says November 9, 2006

Sorry I forgot to mention URL




where hostname & domainnanme are machine name & domain name on which you installed 10g AS & port number is port you selected at install time defualt 7777

though you can change these hostname & port number to your desired value


Anonymous says November 10, 2006

Hi Atul,
Well done on the website!

I have installed on the same physical server as my current 4i install. For the purpose of testing and parallel runs etc this was the only course of action I had open to me. Oracle recommend not to do this. Both are functioning fine at the moment with the 4i and 10g tables located in the same schema. I can’t fine out why Oracle warn against this (from Metalink etc).

Do you have any ideas?

Many thanks,

Atul Kumar says November 10, 2006

first of all congarts for configuration.

I dobn’t see any document where Oarcle mention not to install discoverer 10g on same machine as discoverer 4i but they say you can’t share Oarcle_Home.

Could you please point me oarcle doc which say not to (or not recommended) to install 10g Discoverer on same host as on 4i discoverer .

Once again thanks for sharing this info with readers , It will really inspire them to go for Disco 10g R2 wiith Apps

Anonymous says November 10, 2006


“Installing Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i. Note:233436.1

Atul Kumar says November 10, 2006

Thanks for pointing that out & docs for that.

I will also try to find reasoning behind Oracle’s recommendadtion that “Discoverer 4i and 10g be installed on separate physical servers”


Anonymous says January 23, 2007

Hi Atul,
Thanks for publishing a blog on Discoverer. DO you have any estimate on the activities performed during upgrade like:-
1. Migration of existing EUL to 10g

2. Regenration of business views

3. Import of Discoverer content using

4. Refresh Discoverer EUl


the size of my EUL Tbs is around 850 M.

Regards, VVS

Atul Kumar says January 23, 2007

Hi VVS ,
Is this from 3i or 4i ?

Anonymous says January 29, 2007

Hi Atul,
This is from 4i to 10g.
Also, I want to know how it is possible to maintain different URL’s for 4i and 10g, if we want to put two discoveres’s for one database, as I did not see anything in the xml file, which will facilitate the same.

Thanks in advance,
Regards, V V S

Atul Kumar says January 29, 2007

EUL upgrade should be around 1 hour or so (Depends on your server configuration as well).

You can have two different URL’s via Profile Options.

You have to set one URL at site level & other one at server level .

Raise your issues / doubts at forum dedicated to Apps DBA’s

abhinethra says February 6, 2007

hi atul
what is migration on db.

Atul Kumar says February 6, 2007

Abhi ,
Can you elaborate your question/doubt ?

Atul Kumar

leenus says April 29, 2007

HI Atul,
small doubt,I am upgading disco 4i to 10g with doc 313418.1.
i had done all the steps mentioned above up to changing profile options and all.
I am confused how to grant access on business areas to the users in Apps.
bcoz when i trying to access discoverer work books from apps itz telling invalid ID/PWD like..

what is the way to grant responsibilities on work books to application users…


mahender reddy says June 28, 2007



Anonymous says June 28, 2007

Please any one tell me the location of PDF FILES ON MIDDLE TIER


Atul Kumar says June 28, 2007

which PDF files ?

qAnand says July 23, 2007

Hi Atul,
You directed me from Application Server section to this discoverer section.
As shared in my previous post (AS section),
I am on 11.5.10 (9iAS)
I have created my EUL using Discoverer 10g.
But because of compatibility issue I am not able to use Discoverer Plus/Viewer with 10g EUL
Can you suggest what would be the steps?
I understand from your post that AS cannot be upgraded from 9iAS to 10g in Apps environment. Can you please elaborate?

Thanks again

Atul Kumar says July 23, 2007

11.5.10 by default comes with eul4 so install standalone 10g Discoverer on seprate oracle home and chnage tns in this oracle home pointing to your 11i database. and use disco URL using new 10g AS ORACLE_HOME . Check 10g Disco configurtaion with 11i metalink note for more information on how to do this .

tkj says October 11, 2007


I want to learn discoverer.

I am having oracle 9i database and downloaded and installed OracleBITools10g from Oracle.i.e OracleBIDiscoverer Administrator and Oracle Discoverer Desktop, I don’t know how to configure it with my Oracle 9i Database and use it. Please any to help me?


Atul says October 12, 2007

Hi Tkj,
I would say go for BI EE (Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition , Superseeding Disco) and to install server and related documentation at

tkj says October 12, 2007

hi Atul,

Thanks for the reply. I have a question, can i work configure Discoverer with my 9i oracle database and create EUL? otherwise should I have to have Oracle Apps , and on top of it only EUL can be created?

please help


Atul says October 13, 2007

You can use existing database and on top of that install discoverer server which you can use from disco client like OracleBITools and there is no need to install 11i in that case.

Installing BI server in existing database is advanced installation so I’ll suggest you install Oracle Application Server ( with option as BI or stand alone Disco server , I am going to cover BI EE installation on this site in one or two weeks so stay tuned.


ram says November 1, 2007

Hi All,

Where do i get MKS TOOLKIT. I am stuck with running

My apps is in UNIX and setup disco in win 2003.


saurabh says February 10, 2008

Hi Atul,

There are some steps (step 4 and above) in doc 313418.1 for .eex files. Are they necessary?

Atul Kumar says February 11, 2008

Yes these are

Srp says April 9, 2008

Hi Atul
We want to configure Discoverer.

Our current Architecture
11.5.10 CU2 with 10g R2 Database and 9iAS ( Application server.

Which version of Discoverer we need to configure.

Could you pls help me.

jsethi says April 18, 2008

When trying to login to Standalond Discoverer 10g as sysadmin, you get invalid username/password.Try loggin in as

sysadmin:System Administrator

And the connection will go through.



Paul says September 9, 2008

Hi Atul & Team,

When you copy .dbc file from another discoverer home (instance) and make necessary changes as per the new instance, in case it is bad or not correct, is it necessary to bounce the discoverer services?
What services exactly we need to restart?
For example, opmnctl , etc..

Sincere Thanks.

Nagarajan says December 13, 2008

Is Discoverer Plus in 10g same as Discoverer Designer present in the earlier version (4i)?

Jagdeep says December 13, 2008

No. The bouncing of Discoverer services is not required. The connection is very much instant.

siva says June 30, 2009

Hi Atul,
can we change the port configuration related to discoverer after installation?if yes please suggest the steps for manual port changing for discoverer 10g after installation.

Atul Kumar says June 30, 2009


Yes, it is possible to change port related to discoverer after installation.

Check this

For changing discoverer port

For changing Application Server port

prakash says November 17, 2011

Hi Atul and team,
We have discoverer version
and oracle database version
Now planning to upgrade oracle database to 11g ,which discoverer version will be compatible with oracle 11g.

prakash says November 17, 2011

Hi Atul and team,
is discoverer version
compatible with oracle database 11g

sharma says November 17, 2011

is discoverer version compatible with
oracle database 11g version
if yes its k ,if not can you pls tell me the discoverer version compatible with oracle database 11g

Lewey says February 7, 2012

We have an Oracel 9i database, can someone tell me what is the latest version of Oracle Discoverer we can use to connect to the Database??

We want to upgrade the current reporting server to Windows 2008, but are unsure if we install Discoverer on it, will it connect to the legacy 9i database???

Many Thanks

Ravi says May 10, 2015

Hi Atul,

We are configuring DG for Ebiz 12.0.6 and Discoverer 10g, I would like to know what are the files or rather what are the directories need to be in sync for discoverer.

Kindly suggest.


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