Installing VMware Linux for Oracle Apps R12 Preparation

In today’s post I’ll cover on Installing VMware on windows machine after that we will install Linux on windows Virtual Machine. Download VMware from and after downloading install it on your windows machine.

Download linux trail version from edelivery

Select product as enterprise linux & Platform as x86 32 bit (almost all PC or laptops are 32 bit) ob 64 bit processor you can install both 32 or 64 bit linux but on 32 bit processor you can install only 32 bit software so select 32 bit . You have to download 4 CD’s only.

Installing VMware on windows

Enter location of VMware Installation

This step completes your VMWare Installation on machine. Next lets configure Virtual Machine & later we will install Linux on this Configured Virtual Machine.

Configuring Virtual Machine

Type any name here , Initially I gave machine name as Machine1 which I later changed to . You can give any sensible name to your Virtual Machine.

I defined 100 GB for Oracle Apps R12 Installation as I am planning to install fresh database (without Vision data)
You can choose 200 if you wish to install Vision Instance of Oracle Applications R12. (Make sure you have that much space available on your hard disk)

This finishes your VMWare Linux configuration , Next step is to Install Linux on this VMware machine which I will cover in next post . In mean time down load 4 CD’s Oracle-Linux from location mentioned on top & unzip this 4 disks to create iso files . We will use these iso files to install Linux on this virtual machine.

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Anonymous says March 4, 2007


you are doing a great job. This is an excellent piece of work.



Anonymous says March 6, 2007

Lagge Raho Atul Bhai,may God bless u with more Success and Happiness.

G. Ahmed Khan.

Anonymous says March 6, 2007

Very good post.
I am a big fan of VMware myself,but VMware is still a paid software if i am not wrong?


Atul Kumar says March 6, 2007

Yes sam, This is paid if VMware workstation but free if its VMware server (Sound strange :))

Anonymous says March 12, 2007

bahut vadiya atul veer. You are doing a great job by feeding existing and aspirant dba’s with very targeted information. Keep it up bro. Spreading knowledge is equivalent to gaining knowledge. God bless you. This is a noble cause.

brahmjot singh

Anonymous says March 22, 2007

I noticed that the memory setting for the virtual machine is 256mb. Is that enough, or did you have to raise it for Oracle Apps?


Atul Kumar says March 22, 2007

Yes Brian, I changed VM memory settings from 256 to 768 during installation but U can try with 256 initially (DB start might create problem bcoz of low memory)

Kadiyala says May 19, 2007

Hi atul
1st i installed windows then i installed linux
then i installed VM ware workstation 6 and i allocated 180 gb for VM ..but its not running..
i am getting error message

pxe-e51:no dhcp or proxyDHCP offers were received

pxe mof:existing intel pxe rom

:operating system not found

Atul Kumar says May 19, 2007

Hi Kadiyala,
Did you make system dual boot ? (first windows and then linux)
You don’t have to do that.

First install vMWare server on your windows O.S. in that VMware install linux (which is going to be a virtual machine).

This error message which you are getting is coming on starting VMware or linux virtual machine inside VMware

mohamed says July 3, 2007

hi and thanks for this post
but i really want to ask if you completed this task with 265 MB of RAM
and a 100GB file
I am intending to install a vision
instance on Linux Unbreakable using vmware on my XP laptop to make a portable training environment but i have 2 question
1) does 2GB RAM and 1.7GHZ Processor acceptable
2) should i configure a single VM disk of 120GB instead of configuring 6 disks of 20GB and use
i allocate my files on a 160GB usb
hard disk
thanks in advance,

Atul Kumar says July 3, 2007

Fresh Database (No Vision) took 11 hours with 256 MB RAM where as with vision instance I stopped after around 14 hours as by that time it finished just 85% and I/O wait increased to 82-89% during appl_top unzip files in final phase.
However I managed to install Vision with 756 MB ram allocated to this virtaul machine.

mohamed says July 3, 2007

thanks atule for response
as I was planning to assign 1.5GB RAM for the VM machine but last thing i want to here your comment about is
to assign a single disk with the hole 120GB or 6 with 20GB disks and implement a LVM with Linux

Atul Kumar says July 3, 2007

6 disks of 20 GB each

prudhvi says August 1, 2007

I have installed VMware workstation6 and linux as per your instructions but i am not able to connect to internet from linux! please help me out.

Atul Kumar says August 1, 2007

Make sure your default gateway and subnetmask matches with one supplied by ISP try putting same IP Subnet mask and gateway (on network card of virtuallinux machine) of computer where internet is working

Anonymous says August 4, 2007

this is good site to look for how you can install linux on vmware. Step by step instruction how to install linux on vmware.

Red Hat

Atul Kumar says August 4, 2007

Thanks for sharing link with us

Anonymous says August 4, 2007

Your Welcome Atul.

Its me forget to mention my name in last post.

Ramnik Gupta

Atul Kumar says August 5, 2007

Thanks always to you for heling users here and in forum

mr.sarath says October 12, 2007

Thanks atul you are helping alot………..for learning new things……

Gangadhar123 says November 11, 2007

Hi Atul

Please let me know which VMware version I need to download to install Linux, also should I need to get serial number to install?

“VMware Server 1.0.4” I think this one is free

“VMware Workstation 6.0.2 for Windows” I think this one is 30 days free

Atul says November 11, 2007

You can download any version. Yes you have to get serial number in order to use it

yemfola says December 4, 2007

Hi Atul,

I have server machine,is it advisable to install VMware server which is free for life as vmware for workstation is just for days?

2) where can I get linux free for life to use with my server machine.

I do not want trial version that will expire in 30 days.

Atul Kumar says December 4, 2007

Workstation has more features then server and hence there is price for workstation. You can use vm server for basic needs.

where can I get linux free for life to use with my server machine ?
Linux desktop is free of cost but for enterprise linux you have to pay for license

yemfola says December 4, 2007

Do you advice that I should use vmserver. and if yes, pls can use give guide lines on how to install it to work properly as I tried to follow yr guide lines above but I could not access the setting CTRL + D so that I can install linus from Iso files on my deskstop.

Thanks for your help

nicejack79 says January 12, 2008


I was trying to install RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 on VMWare Workstation 6. I started with steps mentioned by u. But after completing 2 CDS it asked for 3CD i went to setting and changed CDROM ISO image file name, but it says wrond CD ROM. I downloaded all Four CD from same site all four CDs. What should i do? is it issue with Oracle Downloadable product or any workaround. Shall i switch to some other Linux version?

Purpose is to install Oracle Apps R12 on Linux.

Please suggest.

Atul says January 12, 2008

Did you check CD’s before installation. You have option to test CD’s before installation so test all four Disks

rajesh says January 14, 2008


We have done the multi node installation
node 1 dbtier
node 2 appltier with form 1
node 3 appltier with form 2

while running script in node 3,I’m getting this error version 115.14

Waiting for OAD to start…
Started OAD.
OAD logs messages to the file /d01/apps/prodora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/oad.log.
Discoverer Locator Started.
Locator logs messages to the file /d01/apps/prodora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/locator.log.
Cannot bind to OAD. Re-starting…

OAD is stopped
Unable to stop Osagent. No process-id file found.
Locator is stopped
Unable to stop gatekeeper. No process-id file found.
Unable to stop any Discoverer Sessions. No process-id file found.
Unable to stop any Discoverer Preference. No process-id file found.
Unable to stop any Discoverer Collector. No process-id file found.
Waiting for OAD to start…
Started OAD.
OAD logs messages to the file /d01/apps/prodora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/oad.log.
Discoverer Locator Started.
Locator logs messages to the file /d01/apps/prodora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/locator.log.
Registering Discoverer Session
oadutil reg: Failed to bind to OAD
Registering the Collector
oadutil reg: Failed to bind to OAD
Applying preferences from file : /d01/apps/prodora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/pref.txt
Finished applying preferences

Closing down registry..
Registry File sync…
Registering Discoverer Preference Repository
oadutil reg: Failed to bind to OAD exiting with status 1

.end std out.
Failed to Start OSagent.
Failed to Start OSagent.

.end err out.

Atul says January 14, 2008

Check if OAD port is not utilized by other process and also if OAD port is less then 1024 check sticky bit for root user is set in OAD executable

AA says April 27, 2008

Hi Atul
I installed VMware. Sofar no worries. I got License key, of course evaluation version 5.5.5 and I registered that key. I entered that key from Help menu. But VM is starting. It is keep popping with error message “A VMware Workstation license does not exist or the VMware Workstation license you are using has expired. Your virtual machine cannot be powered on.
Be sure that your host machine’s date and time are set correctly.

Please enter a valid serial number by choosing Help > Enter Serial Number or click on the Get Serial Number button below.”

Please assist me to fix this problem.


Atul says April 28, 2008

Instead of VMWARE workstation use VMWARE Server. Server is unlimited free you just need to register free.

For workstation license either your desktop time is not correct or license you are using is not correct or expired

praveenvb says December 3, 2008

Hi Atul,

What is the minimum amount hard disk space required for installing R12 on VMware…

Can we install on Vmware


javed says January 9, 2009

Dear Atul
I have just entered in Virtual Machine. This post is helping me a lot. My system is only has 60 GB space. what option i have, should i upgrade my system or is it possible to install VMware and linux on external hard drive?

Atul Kumar says January 9, 2009

Yes its possible to install vmware and linux on external hard drive

Mohamed Tewfik says April 9, 2009

Dear Atul,

I have installed R12 on RHEL AS 4 with 3 gb RAM and 300 gb harddisk on VMWare but it’s not working. The POST Installation check returned errors with HTTP, JSP, and other stuff.. I’ve done so many searches and I couldn’t find anything useful. Replaced a file in /usr/lib which is and no use, tried to run some scripts like, changed the VM name from localhost.localdomain to and still nothing. I don’t know what to do

Raj says May 28, 2009

Hi Atul,

I have installed vmware for windows on an external hard drive(320 GB). Then installed Oracle Linux on the vmware. After several hours it is finally installed successfully and then a button to Reboot the system. So I clicked Reboot button and then it restarted the virtual machine but when restarting I got a message box some thing like “Unable to boot as there is no bootable CD or floppy drive.” I don’t remember the exact error message. Finally there is this message on the black screen :
“operating system not found”

Can you please help us out what went wrong here ?


Atul Kumar says May 28, 2009

It seems virtual disk on which you installed guest O.S. (linux) is missing


under BIOS (of guest O.S.) its not recognizing virtual hard disk

Ensure virtual disk on which you installed (including external USB drive is accessible from VMware)

atanu555 says July 12, 2009

Hi Atul :

Can I install Oracle Apps R12 on Windows Server 2008, though it’s not certified.
Also becoz Windows Server 2003 trial has been replaced by that of 2008 for download.


Amit says July 18, 2009

Hi Atul,

I am not able to login to VMWare server. Following is the error :

“Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:8222.”

This worked fine untill 2 days back. I guess the error might be due wrong configuration change as I recently changed the network type to NAT instead of Bridge.

Is there any way to overcome this problem or revert back to old vmware settings?

I am also not able to uninstall VMware server and its giving Network error.

Please suggest if you have clues.


Amit says July 18, 2009

Hi Atul,

I re-installed the VMWare Server and the issue is resolved.


Minu says September 21, 2009

Atul, thanks for being so helpful to everyone.

I am an apps developer and looking to install Rel 11i on my laptop on VMWare workstation. Do you have a virtual machine of Rel 11i, that you could send to me and I could just load it up. Sorry but I am not a dba and I am not sure if I can install it all myself.

thanks much

Atul Kumar says September 22, 2009

Hi Minu,
Focusthread sell 11i on VMware on external USB disk which you can plug to your computer and use. More information here

Sakthivel says February 26, 2010


Kudos to you Mr. Atul for writing an excellent article on Oracle Apps. BTW do you have any idea of publishing the article in PDF so that more people can download, print and refer them as and when required.

S. Sakthivel

sivarajesh says February 27, 2010

I installed windows xp after that i installed vmware.
Through VMware i installed linux OS ..
in this linux OS i want to install R12.
my doubt is which ip address i have to give in linux?
And how to access linux os from xp..(i want to access for putty)
Please help me

tonymtho says October 15, 2010

Dear Atul,

I want to know whether i can install VMware+Unix/Linux+Oracle Apps in my laptop with the following confg of my laptop

a. 200gb hard disk free space
b. 3gb Ram

Expecting your reply
Thank You

atanu555 says October 17, 2010

Tony –
For R11i:(HD)
24 GB for staging (not reqrd if done from DVDs)
91 GB (approx) for Application tier+Vision DB
32 GB (approx) if fresh database
115 GB (assuming Vision DB,less if you go w/o)
+ Linux(40 GB)
+ Client Softwares(like Developer etc)

If you dedicate 180 GB for VM Disk file, you are left with only 20 GB for client s/w. For time being it’ll work fine, better to go for external HDD.

For R12:(HDD)
45 GB for staging (not reqrd if done from DVDs)
170 GB (approx) for Appl tier+Vision DB
45 GB (approx) if fresh database
215 GB (approx) assuming Vision DB, less if you
go w/o.

So you definitely need external HD.

3 GB is sufficient for R11i and somewhat OK, for R12 also, bcoz you’ll have memory utilization limitation, from 32-bit OS. No need for RAM increment, unless your processor & VMware/VirtualBox supports 64-bit OS.

Best Regards.

shaik says December 30, 2010

Dear Atul,

Thank you very much for u’r excellant support and sharing of knowledge.

Please clear my doubt:

I have Laptop wth the following configuartion.

Hard disk: 280GB free space.

I need to have ” windows 7 Basic OS + VMWARE+LINUX+ORACLE APPS R12.1.1″

so please tell me my laptop configuarationos OK r not?

Please let me know the steps to follow to
Install the above things.

I am eagarly waiting for u’r responses.

Thanks and Best regards

Atul Kumar says December 30, 2010

@ shaik,
Machine will be little slow but above configuration will work.

shaik says December 30, 2010

Dear Atul,

Thanks for u’r response.

Please give u’r suggestions for best performance of the Machine.

shaik says January 12, 2011

Hi Atul,

I’m very new to Oracle APPS and I’m very much interested to become APPS DBA. So please help me as much as possible.

I have 2 partitions in my LAPTOP as C: Drive :30GB and D-Drive :250 GB.

Now I want to install WIndows 7 in C-Drive. and Vmware + OEL5.5 + R12.1.1 with vision demo DB and Staging area also in D- drive itself.

So please tell me whether is it possible or not??

please share the PDf doc’s if U have any with screenshots?

Thanks and Best Regards

Atul Kumar says January 12, 2011

@ Shaik,
250 GB is not enough for Vision R12 but you can install Prod database in 250 GB.

No need to create staging directory using adautostg… You can download all 12.1.1 software zip files in to single directory and unzuip them which will create stanging area.

Check installation guide on

shaik says January 12, 2011

Thanks Atul for u’r valueable response.

Dear Atul in the given link I’m unable to see the screenshots. so could you please help me about the space allocation & User creations for OEL and R12.

Please help me I ‘m very new to LINUX and Oracle APPS

Babu says February 3, 2011

Hi Atul

Can I use Oracle Virtual box instead of VMware?


Atul Kumar says February 5, 2011

I don’t see any issues using Oracle Virtual Box instead of VMware for R12.

manny says November 2, 2011


I have installed R12.1.1 Linux with vMware on a Windows XP.

But I can not login from the the XP to the Linux vMware install.

Within the linux install I can get a login.

Please advise what I am doing wrong

Atul Kumar says November 3, 2011

@ manny,
What is IP of linux box and windows XP ? what is entry in /etc/hosts of linux ?

Can you ping linux machine from windows XP ?

Is Linux hostname configured in windows xp (in xp hosts file) ?

deepak says January 8, 2012

Hi Atual,

I am planning to install R12 on my m/c


Will the above configuration are good enough

deepak says January 8, 2012

Actual Configuration of my system
Windows 7
Hard disk = 1 TB
RAM = 6 GB

While creating VM I want to give

HD = 500 GB
RAM = 4 GB

Will this be good enough for R12 (EBS) with out any performance problem.

Please help me out…………


Atul Kumar says January 9, 2012

@ Deepak,
It should be OK. I did installation on this configuration and everything went well.

deepak says January 9, 2012

thank you Atul

Manju says October 16, 2014

Hi Atul,

How to mount Oracle 11.5.8 on Unix Virtual machine.? Thanks in Advance

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