Upgrade Oracle Applications to Release 12.0.2

Here is quick step to upgrade Oracle Applications from version 12.0.0 (Base Release) to 12.0.2 (Release 12 Roll-up 2)

Things to Note for 12.0.2 upgrade
1. Oracle Applications 12.0.2 can only be upgraded from base release 12.0.0 or 12.0.1 , If you are on previous version of Oracle Applications (10.7, 11.0.3 or 11i) first upgrade it to R12 base release (12.0.0)
2. If you have not already applied minipack AD.A.2, first apply R12.AD.A.2 (6014659)

Before Oracle Applications R 12.0.2 Upgrade
1. Download Patch 12.0.2 from metalink (5484000)
2. Download AD Patch R12.AD.A.2 (6014659) 

Upgrade Steps
1. Shutdown R12 Application Tier using script adstpall.sh under $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME ($install_base/inst/apps/$SID_$HOSTNAME/ admin/ scripts)
2. Enable maintenance mode using adadmin (similar to 11i process)
3. Apply patch 6014659to upgrade your AD minipack to AD.A.2
4. Apply 12.0.2 patch 5484000 using adadmin
5. Disable maintenance mode using adadmin
6. Compile invalid objects if any in database using utlrp.sql or adadmin
7. Start Application Tier of R12 using script adstrtal.sh at $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME
8. Test Application

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Aman says January 9, 2008

Hi Atul,

Nice post.
Just a minor correction.Instead of
Apply 12.0.2 patch 5484000 using adadmin

it should be

Apply 12.0.2 patch 5484000 using adpatch.


abed yacoub says March 15, 2008


really ur site very nice and helpfully

good luck

wongper says March 18, 2008

Hi Atul,

would you consider publish any DST patch tips on OAS. I installed OAS and then upgrade to 10.1.4 on Window XP as my development OAS/portal. It was working fine until 3/11/08 DST kicks in. The metalink doc regarding DST patch requires a seasoned DBA and I am just a Portlet developer who knows some OAS installation/configuration.


Atul says March 18, 2008

Hi Perci,
Thanks for pointing this, I’ll try to cover this in coming posts.

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