Oracle Apps DBA Interview/Technical Question : 10g AS with Apps 11i/R12/12i

Here are few more interview question, focused on Oracle 10g Application Server, Apps 11i/r12/12i and integration of Oracle E-Business Suite with 10g AS (Portal/OID/SSO)

Q. Explain Architecture of 10g AS
A. Infrastructure Tier (MR+IM) & Middle Tier (J2EE, Portal, Wireless, Discoverer, Forms & Reports)

Q. Explain broad level steps to install 10g AS
A. Install Infrastructure tier first & then Middle Tier (understand Infrastructure & Middle Tier install option Install 10g AS Infrastructure Tier)

Q. Explain broad level steps integrate E-Business Suite (Apps 11i/R12/12i) with Microsoft Active Directory
A. Integrate E-Business Suite with OID and then integrate OID with AD

Q. How to authenticate Apps 11i/R12/12i Users against AD password
A. Configure external authentication plug-in in OID (OID should be integrated with Apps 11i/R12)

Q. How to synchronize AD password with OID and vice versa

Q. How to identify if a particular user is authenticated locally in Apps 11i/R12 or against OID
A. Check column ENCRYPTED_USER_PASSWORD in FND_USER table in APPS schema (set to LOCAL, EXTERNAL or BOTH)

Q. Explain broad level steps to integrate Apps with OID/SSO

Q. How to clone Apps 11i/R12 integrated with 10g AS (Portal/OID/SSO)

Q. What extra steps you will do after changing APPS Password in instance integrated with OID/SSO
A. Check How to change APPS Password

Q. Under which schema in E-Business Suite, Oracle SSO server details are stored (If Apps is integrated with SSO)

Q. What is difference between Listen & Port directive in httpd.conf
A. Listen is port number on which Web Server is listening where as Portis used to create self referential URL’s. In 10g AS with Webcache configured, Listen is port number on which Web Server is listening & Portis port number on which webcache is listening
– If HTTP load balancer is configured (listening on port 80) in front of Apps 11i/R12 and web server (Apache) of 11i/R12 listening on port 8001 then in httpd.conf define Listen 8000 & Port 80

Q. What is difference between OPMN & DCM in 10g AS ?

Q. Broad level steps to configured Load Balancer (HA) in 10g Portal

Q. What is ptlconfig, iasconfig.xml and location of these files
A. In Oracle 10g AS Middle Tier under $ORACLE_HOME/portal/conf  
iasconfig.xml – Configuration file for Portal
ptlconfig – Utility to configure Portal

Q. Is it possible to configure E-Business in non-default realm of OID
A. Not possible in current version of Apps-SSO/OID integration build 5

Q. How to migrate users from OID to Apps (FND_USER) and vice versa

Q. What is windows Native Authentication

25 Things apps dba should know for Apps-11i/r12 integration with OID/SSO

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arvind says April 17, 2008

Please provide me the differences between Oracle application 11i and R12.

rajesh.chaware says March 19, 2009

Hi, Atul.

Do you please suggest me as to change OID port for already installed OID 10.2.0



rajesh.chaware says March 19, 2009

Correction :

Hi, Atul.

Can you please suggest me as to change OID port for already installed OID 10.2.0



Atul Kumar says March 19, 2009

Use this document to change OID port in Oracle Application Server

please send me answers for above questions says August 3, 2011

this is very good taught
u r blog is very help full to users ;

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