Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) DBA Interview Questions

Here are few more interview Questions targeted for Apps DBA’s with work exp. ranging from 1 to 3 years. 
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Q. How you will troubleshoot if concurrent request is taking long time ?

Q. If you are applying a patch.It was started successfully. In the middle you realise nothing happening and no update in patch log file,worker log file (No updates & no error message). What to do & How to troubleshoot ?

Q. Why there are three ORACLE_HOMEs in 11i or R12 ?

Q.What is difference between shared appltop and staged appltop ?

Q. what are the request incompatibilities ? how conflict resolution manager solve them?

Q.Where and how you update workflow notification mailer configuration setting ? (This depends on which workflow mailer you are running C Mailer or Java Mailer )

Q. If you want to change Concurrent Manager log and out file location , Is it possible ? If Yes, How ? If No, why not ?

Q. What are conflict resolution managers in CM ?

Q. What are interoperability patches ?

Q. How frequent you run Gather Schema Statistics program & with what option ? Why you need to run it ? What is cost based optimizer ?

Q. Name few common issues you encountered recently related to Web Server, Forms Server, Concurrent Manager (CM), Jinitiator, Database, Cloning, Patching .

Q. What all things you will check after cloning and before handing over instance to end users ?

Q. If users complain that reports are not running, what you will do to troubleshoot ?

Q. What is Rep-300 toolkit error ? Did you ever encounter this ?

Q. Share configuration/setup you have done w.r.t. Apps (expect some questions on that setup) ?


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rajesh says May 2, 2008

hi atul,
plz send answers of these questions
i will try to asnwer some of these

WAQAR says May 5, 2008


These questions are very well.
I want answers of these questions, any one help me.



SubbaRao says May 9, 2008

Hi Friends as Atul Said for answers,

Please visit the Forum


Mohammad Rijwan says May 9, 2008

Hi Atul

Please tell me what should be the size of the tablespace for trcanlzr.



business interview questions says July 22, 2008

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rajesh says September 14, 2008

hi atul ,
i am rajesh ,

Please give answers of these questions

1. My concurrent request is running very slow , how would u analyze ?
2. How would u know all your concurrent managers are up and running ?
3. How would u know ur apache server is up and running ?
4. Users complaining applications running very slow , how would u proceed ?
5. While applying patch in apps some body dropped my FND_CONCURRENT_REQUEST table , what will happen ?
6. What is diff b/w AD_PPLIED_PATCHES and AD_BUGS tables ?
7. I want to change my concurrent request log and ot files locations , how ?
8. I am unable to see my concurrent request log and out files , what might be the problem ?
9. After changing apps password by using FNDCPASS i forgot to modify the some files like CGIcmd.dat, what will happened ?
10. On which node u will run FNDCPASS node1- forms , apache node2 – CM,ADMIN,DB,REPORTS ?
11. How to identify whether Maintainance mode enabled r not in database i.e. table name ?
12. While applying the patch in apps how would u moniter which files going to modify and which script is running

— regards
rajesh kumar

rajesh says September 15, 2008

hi atul ,
If users r complaining about applications 11i system is running very slow , what things you
will check at broad level ?

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