Configure/Deploy Oracle Role Manager with JBOSS

 This is last post for Installation of Oracle Role Manager deployed on JBOSS (Open Source J2EE Server) and using Oracle Database as repository.

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Prereq. for Deploying Oracle Role Manager Application on JBOSS

Ensure that-
1. You have already installed JBOSS Server   More Here
2. Installed Oracle Database
3. Created tablespace, schema and user in database
4. Installed Oracle Role Manager  More Here

Configure/Deploy ORM with JBOSS

1. Copy the orm-ds.xml and orm-service.xml files from <ORM_install>/samples/jboss/4.0.5  to the JBoss directory at <JBossHome>/server/default/deploy

2. Edit orm-ds.xml file like
A)  Change the two occurrences of connection-url to match database environment



(Note* My Database is on same machine as ORM & JBOSS with SID as ORCL and listening on port 1521)

B) Change the two occurrences of user-name and password to match the credentials of the Oracle Role Manager application user defined while installing role manager



3. Copy the server.ear file from <ORM_install>/lib to <JBossHome>/server/default/deploy
4. Copy the webui.war file from <ORM_install>/webui/jboss/4.0.5 to <JBossHome>/server/default/deploy

server.ear & webui.war are applications and once you copy them to deploy directory, JBOSS will deploy it automatically to JBOSS server 

Log file to this deployment will be in $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/log/server.log

5. Start JBOSS if not already up
cd %JOSS_HOME%/bin

6. Access Oracle Role Manager

JBOSS URL                                                 –    http://localhost:8080
Role Manager Administrative Console    –    http://localhost:8080/ormconsole
Role Manager Web UI                               –    http://localhost:8080/webui

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