Oracle Role Manager : Installation Overview

Key Points about Oracle Role Manager (ORM)
–Oracle Role Manager (ORM) is Product from Bridgestream
–Oracle Role manager is component of Oracle’s Identity Management product stack.
–Oracle Role Manager can be installed interactively or in silent mode (using response file)
–There are two options available with role manager installation
a) Install Software and configure
—- Require two database schemas and connectivity to those schemas
b) Install Software
— only copy software, configure later (load data model after customization are in place)

Broad level Installation steps : Oracle Role Manager

1. Install/Configure database for Role Manager schema
— You can use existing database or install new database for role manager schema
— Host from which you are installing role manager should be able to connect to database using sqlplus (TNS)
— Create tablespace using create-tablespace.sql
— Create Oracle Role Manager database users using create-app-user.sql and create-schema-owner.sql

2. Run installer for Role Manager installation and configuration
— For windows use setup.exe and for Linux use runInstaller
— Select “Install Software and Configure” or “Install Software Only”
— If you selected Configure option then select from “Primary Data Model” or “Standard Data Model” or “Oracle identity Manager Integration
— Select database connection values
— Create administrative account for role manager

3. Configure Oracle Application Server with Role manager
— You can configure Oracle Role manager with “JBoss” or “IBM Websphere”

4. Load sample data for Oracle Role manager
— create file on Oracle Role Manager (ORM) server
— Deploy configuration and data model using deploy

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