Install Oracle Role Manager ORM on Windows Vista

Oracle Role Manager is part of Oracle Identity Management Suite to manage various user roles across enterprise. ORM is product from Bridgestream acquired by Oracle in 2007.

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Quick Installation Steps for ORM
1) Install Application Server(IBM Websphere or JBoss). This Application Server will host ORM application.
2) Install Oracle Database or higher (This database will be used to store ORM data)
3) Create tablespace, schema, application user in database installed above
4) Install ORM Software
5) Deploy ORM application on Application Server installed in step 1 (ormconsole & webui)

* Note ORM software and Application Server should be installed on same machine.

Prepare Database for Oracle Role Manager

— Install Database or higher on same machine as ORM or on different machine

— Machine hosting ORM should be able to connect to database

— Download Oracle Database From here  depending on your windows version from here

— Install Oracle Database

–Download Role Manager from here

— Extract  ORM software

— Go to directory where you unzipped rolemanager software and then samples\sqlscripts\oracle like

cd c:\atul\role_manager\Disk1\samples\sqlscripts\oracle

— If database is on other machine (than ORM) then copy samples directory to database

— Connect to database as sysdba sqlplus “/as sysdba”

Create Tablespace
— Create tablespace like  SQL>@create-tablespace.sql <data_dir> <index_dir> <temp_dir>
—–SQL>@create-tablespace.sql “C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oradata\orcl” “C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oradata\orcl” “C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oradata\orcl”  

 (**My datafile location was above hence I gave that location change this location as per your installation)

Create Schema
SQL>@create-schema-owner.sql <owner_username> <owner_password>
SQL>@create-schema-owner.sql orm welcome1

Create ORM Apps User 
SQL>@create-app-user.sql <app_username> <app_password>
SQL>@create-app-user.sql orm_app welcome1                

(**Database User and Application User can’t be same)

This completes database preparation for Oracle Role Manager (ORM). Next Step is to install Oracle Role Manager Software

Install Oracle Role Manager Software

Check Prereqs
– Ensure database or higher is installed
– Ensure tablespace, schema and ORM application user are created on database
– Download ORM software from here  if not done already

Start Installation
– Start installer by running executable in Disk1 (from directory where you unzipped ORM software)

– Enter ORM Home Name and Installation Directory


— Select Installation Type (Install Software only or Install & Configure)
You can install first and configure with database later or install and configure both at same time


– Select from available configuration options


– Provide database connection details as shown in diagram ( *Note application user and schema name can’t be same)


– Specify ORM administrator username and password


— Finally you should see Successful Installation


This installs ORM software, finally we need to deploy ORM application on Application Server (JBOSS or IBM Websphere)

How to deploy application ORM application in JBOSS coming soon ……

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