R12 Changes from 11i

Overview of R12 Tech Stack Changes:-

The mid tier technology had a boost up in R12, continual improvement with changing technology.  Here are the conversion of tech stack from 11i to R12.

Application Server: 1.0    —->    10.1
Servlet Container: Jserv    —->    OC4J
Apache: 1.3.19    —->    1.3.31 (or 2.0)
Forms: 6    —->    10

What’s new in Forms:-

+ Forms Servlet Mode is default. Socket Mode supported
+ Forms Trace
– Replacement for FRD.
– Events based with the concept of trace groups.
– Ability to record debugging and performance data.
– Two step process
1) Activate/Record .trc file which is binary and is not port specific.
2) Translate to provide XML or HTML output
.OAM provides “automated” translation.
.Manual command line translation through Xlate utility.
– Enabled via URL by passing ?record=forms&tracegroup=<tracegroup> or from Start Trace in OAM
+ Updated Swan UI
+ FORMS_ environment variables replace FORMS60_.
+ New environment variables e.g. FORMS_TRACE_DIR.
+ Generation tools are delivered as part of the Runtime Services and  Developer Suite installations.
+ frmcmp.sh and frmcmp_batch for generation.
+ Modify the shell script to customize settings.
+ frmbld.sh to replace f60desm.


Instance Home – structure: –

/<sid>/inst/<context_name>       ($INST_TOP)
$INST_TOP/admin/scripts        ($ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME)
$INST_TOP/appl            ($APPL_CONFIG_HOME)
$INST_TOP/fnd/12.0.0/secure    ($FND_SECURE)
$INST_TOP/logs            ($LOG_HOME –  autoconfig writes logs here by default)
$INST_TOP/ora            ($ORA_CONFIG_HOME)
$INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3               ($ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME)

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Thanks rupesh its very good quick reference for attending interviews.

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Thanks, lets see if we can put more micro level changes.

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Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thnkas!

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