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Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) is product from Oracle Fusion Middleware Family to create interactive dashboard and setting proactive monitoring for business processes and services.
 BAM is currently supported on Windows Server 2003(though it works on windows xp & vista as well) . Oracle BAM is NOT available on Unix/Linux (as of 15 April 2009).


Oracle BAM comes with below subcomponents

a) Active Studio – web based reporting tool
b) Active Viewer– is user interface to view reports. Report format include columnar reports, crosstabs, KPIs, charts, spreadsheets, and more.
c) Administrator – Thin client for user management and overall server management.
d) Architect  – thin client for data designer to create and manage data objects stored in Active Data Cache (ADC) and manages transaction source processing.
e) Enterprise Link – connects BAM to information sources i.e. apps, message queues, database and sends data to ADC (Active Data Cache). There are two components in Enterprise Link; Enterprise Link Admin and Enterprise Link Design Studio. (Enterprise Link is optional from 10gR3 10.1.3.X)

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uma maheswar says December 1, 2009

Hi Atul,

I want to know,As you have mentioned in the installation steps for BAM:
2.Install IIS and BAM.

Where exactly we need to install Oracle SOA Suite.
My requirement is like,Input system is MQ Series from this system i want to generate reports
2.some process to be automated
3.I want to execute all queries onces,and after that i want to execute based on the transaction type like say add, delete and update.who can i implement this in BAM
4.How to integrate BAM and Oracle BPEL

Anonymous says December 11, 2009

Q4:How to integrate BAM and Oracle BPEL

This should help.

Basically you need to make use of Sensors in your BPEL process to push data to BAM ADC data objects and from those data objects build your Dashboard reports.


prakash says October 19, 2010

i need the one report in oracle bam, My report requirement is show the employee name and employee name count from employee data object.

below i have mentioned the format of report,

Example :

Employee_name Employee_name_count

Ravi 25
Ragul 50
Ramesh 100
Siva 75
50 —–> incase have the null value in employee name column,
need to disply null count also

total 300

i) Column heading is important
ii) Need to display the employee name and employee name count (same column used to display)
iii) Null count also important.
iv) atlast total count also important

So kindly tell me which report format or chart sutiable for this above scenario.

Thanks in advance

naina says January 17, 2012

i should work on POC of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) proxy services using the OSB reporting action and a plug-in reporting provider. Oracle BAM Reports is the Custom reporting provider in my case. On high level, i should build a POC in which the Report action from OSB should interact with BAM Server and publish to the Active Data Cache of the BAM Server and should display the Report.

can any 1 help me with it

Sandy says February 13, 2012

Could you please tell me how to put the Calendar on Surface prompt in BAM 11g.

Atul Kumar says February 14, 2012

@ Sandy,
Please explain what do you mean by Calendar on Surface Prompt

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