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This document provides a complete, up-to-date description of Oracle iSetup Minipack 11i.AZ.H (5140723). The main focus of iSetup is to help migrate functional setups from one E-Business Suite instance to another. During migration, setups can be extracted selectively using filters on setup attributes. Extracted setup data can be optionally transformed before loading into target instance.
Both the source and target should be in the same iSetup patch level .

Oracle iSetup Minipack 11i.AZ.H can be applied only to an existing Oracle Applications Release 11.5.10 system

Pre-install Steps

1. Upgrade to Oracle Database or Higher (Required)
       2. XML DB Setup:
 Oracle iSetup minipack AZ.H requires the Oracle Database version or   above with Oracle XML DB enabled. Please refer to your version specific Oracle XML Database Developer’s Guide.
 You can determine whether or not Oracle XML DB is already installed. You   could use the following queries to do this.
a.Check if the user XDB exists.
Query to use: SELECT * FROM ALL_USERS where username = ‘XDB’
b.Confirm that the View RESOURCE_VIEW exists.
c.Determine whether Oracle XML DB status is valid.
Query to use: Select status from dba_registry where comp_id = ‘XDB’;

Pre-requisite Patches
4712852 11i.AD.I.4
  Apply Additional Prerequisites (Required)
  3641831 Wf_Event_Omb_Qh Is Invalid After Applying HR_PF.D
  3948369 AOL Security Rollup I.1
  4104924 Txk (Fnd) Autoconfig Template Rollup Patch K (July 2005)
  4206181 XDO/Oracle XML Publisher OA Rollup Patch 5.5.0
  Apply Additional Prerequisites (Conditionally Required)
  4505481 When Applying HR_PF.J in JP, XML Publisher Reports
  The above patch no 4505481 is the only pre-req patch I have applied . Rest of the patches are already applied in my instance .
 4334965 11i.ATG_PF.H RUP3
 676589 11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP4 or  any ATG 11.5.10 RUP subsequent to ATG RUP4 , then, please apply the following patch:
 4505485 When Applying HR_PF.J in JP, XML Publisher Reports S Are Failing
 Applying this minipack
 Oracle iSetup minipack 11i.AZ.H contains a unified patch driver and may contain additional driver files to be applied with AutoPatch.  Please apply the u5140723.drv driver file on all application tier server nodes.


Post-install Steps

Once you have successfully applied Oracle iSetup minipack 11i.AZ.H, you must apply these patches:
 4453830 AR Dependency Issue While Loading Accounting And Transaction Types
4528356 AR Dependency Issue While Loading System Options
4449094 Inventory APIs Not Loading In Proper Sequence
4641008 KeyFlexField Dependency Issue
4305771 Issue While Loading Customers Into Interface Tables
4604123 Exceptions While Loading AR Customers
4015970 Item Template Extract Fails For Attribute Payment Terms
4612812 Serial Number Extract Errors For Dependent_Asset_Flag
4926690 Extract Request Failing For Inter-Company Transaction Flows
4604050 Dependency Information Missing For Api ONT_OESysParameters
5201280 (Optional)Tracking Bug To Deliver Latest HR Org Apis For Migration
4200089 PO Buyers Load Issue
Note:-The above patch 5201280 has got pre-req patch 3333633 is an optional , if you HRMS enabled , then you need to apply the patch
4188534 Inventory Items Not Attached To Price Lists Due To Missing Profile Values
3994238 Partial Migration During Item Templates Load

Above all the patches, I have applied except the one optional .In my case I don’t need to pay any pre-req patches for the above patches.

 Apply Conditionally Mandatory Patches
If you are on 11i.10 baseline, then you need to apply the following patches (conditionally mandatory):

3878497 GL/Chart Of Accounts iSetup Patch
3924555 Failure While Loading Freight Carriers
4628344 Issue While Loading Suppliers
3924472 Failure While Loading MSC_Applicationinstances
4640953 Improper Load Of OM System Parameters
If you are on 11i.10.CU2 baseline, then you need to apply the following patches (conditionally mandatory): (Applied the below patches )

4628347 Issue While Loading Suppliers
4636554 Issue While Loading Supplier Tax Authority
4477329 FND Lookup Extraction Issue
4557501 ABC Analysis Data Compiled For Sub-Inventory Fails During Load
4495836 Exception While Loading WIP Shop Floor Status
4495891 WIP Accounting Classes API Fails During Load
4586690 QP Modifier Setup API Load Failure
4548492 Error While Loading Transaction Types

Once you are able apply the 11i.AZ.H (5140723) successfully along with all the Pre and post patches , you can go ahead apply the below DELTA-2 patch for isetup , make sure that you go through the metalink doc . The delta-2 has got pre-req patches 5525463 and 5140723 .

Apply Recommended Patch 11i.AZ.H.DELTA.2 (patch 7293818)

Oracle recommends that you also apply patch 7293818, Oracle iSetup patch 11i.AZ.H.DELTA.2..

Implementation and User Documentation

Apply 5217874 
Post installation Task

Copy the tns entry from source to target and target to source vice-versa in
Oracle_8.0.6_Home/network/admin .It is good practice to create <SID>_<Hostaname>_ifile.ora file and put tns entry  .

Copy the Directory <SID>_<Hostaname> from $FND_TOP/secure from source to target and target to source vice versa.

Set up Source instance .

Assign XML Publisher Administrator  responsibility  to your user.
 Click on XML Publisher Administrator ->Administrator ->General->Temporary Directory
Enter the value for the temporary directory , which is added in utl_file_dir.

Reference :  Metal ink note 368670.1

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