Oracle Webcenter Suite 11g (FMW) Installation Overview

Oracle WebCenter

Oracle Webcenter Suite  is enterprise Portal solution from Oracle. This post covers installation overview of Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g R1 (step by step installation document on Linux coming in next post)

Components of Oracle WebCenter

A. Oracle WebCenter Framework
B. Oracle WebCenter Spaces
C. Oracle Composer
D. WebCenter Services – Discussions, Blog, Wiki

For more information on these components click here

Software required to install Oracle WebCenter

WebCenter is deployed as J2EE application on Oracle Weblogic Server and uses Oracle Database as repository so in total you need to download following software to install Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g

1. Oracle Database– Repository for WebCenter Suite
Download 11g R1 ( or higher) or 10g R2 ( or higher) from here

2. Repository Creation Utility (RCU)– To load WebCenter Repository in Oracle Database
Download it  from here  (under Required Optional Software)

3. Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1(10.3.1) – Application Server required to host WebCenter Suite from here

4. Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g R1  under Runtime Software from here


WebCenter 11g Installation Order

1. Install Oracle Database 10gR2 ( or higher)  or 11g R1 ( or higher)

2. Load/Create schema (webcenter, portlet, ocserver, discussions, wiki) in database using RCU (Repository Creation Utility) more information here

3. Install Oracle WebLogic Server (This step will create Fusion Middleware Home and install WebLogic Server in that home) – to know more about homes in Fusion Middleware click here

4. Install WebCenter Suite 11g (This step will install webcenter suite ORACLE_HOME under Fusion Middleware Home)

5. Configure WebCenter Suite (This step will create 1 Administration Server and three Managed Server (WLS_Portlet, WLS_Services and WLS_Spaces in Weblogic Server) – To know more about Administration Server and Managed Server in WebLogic click here

6. Start Administration and Managed Server (WLS_Portlet, WLS_Services and WLS_Spaces)

7. Access WebCenter Applications  (webcenter, portalTools, owc_discussions, owc_wiki) using URLs mentioned below

Things good to know about WebCenter Suite 11g Installation

1. For WebCenter Suite installation you need JRE/JDK 1.6 ; You can use JDK 1.6 installed as part of Weblogic Server

2. You can install WebCenter 11g with or without UCM (Universal Content Management)

3. If you are planning to select UCM with WebCenter Suite then HTTP Server is required (install HTTP server before WebCenter or you can use an existing HTTP Server)

4. While creating repository (using RCU) connect as sysdba privileges (sys or system) else schema load will fail

5. When you configure Webcenter (step 5 above) using from WebCenter ORACLE_HOME/common/bin ; it creates a WebLogic Domain with one Administration Server and three Managed Server
a) WLS_Spaces for WebCenter Spaces listening on port 8888
b) WLS_Portlet for Portlets listening on port 8889
c) WLS_Services for Discussions, Wiki, Blog on port 8890

6. Various default URL’s for Webcenter Suite

  • http://<servername>:7001/console  – Administration Server Console for WebLogic
  • http://<servername>:8888/webcenter – Webcenter Spaces
  • http://<servername>:8889/portalTools – Portlet
  • http://<servername>:8890/owc_discussions – Discussions
  • http://<servername>:8890/owc_wiki – Wiki/Blog

Webcenter Suite Installation Documentation from Oracle

Step by Step Installation of Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g coming soon !!

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Matt Carter says September 14, 2009


Have you gotten to the point of doing SSO to the wiki from OAM? I have Spaces SSO working, but Wiki still gives native form login. Doc says:

Since the Oracle WebCenter Wiki and Blog Server does not … support an identity store, there is no need to configure the LDAP.

Enter the following URL in the [page] Source box:

http://host:OHS port/owc_wiki/page/show.jz?inline=1&scope=#{communityContext.communityName}

Where host is the host ID of the WLS_Spaces server, and OHS_port is the port number of the Oracle HTTP Server. The OHS port is used so the call goes through the WebGate which will initiate SSO.

Atul Kumar says September 19, 2009

@ Matt,
No I didn’t try SSO to wiki using OAM yet. I think Oracle is suggesting to put OHS as reverse proxy in front of Wiki/Blog and then protect OHS (Wiki/Blog URLs) using webgate of OAM

abhijit says January 12, 2010

Hi Atul,
I have installed the webcenter suite on Windows 2003 Server following the installation steps as mentioned in the Oracle Documentation.
While I started the managed server ‘WLS_Spaces’, it shows it started successfully however I noticed in the log one error is showing as “”. Now I try to access the webspace by http::8888/webcenter, am getting the Internal error on the browser, and from diagonistic log I am getting the following error
oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp.WebCenterException: Unable to read the application configuration metadata and the stack trace is showing as Caused by: oracle.mds.core.MetadataNotFoundException: MDS-00013: no metadata found for metadata object “/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata/webcenter-config.xml”

Would be great if you please let me know where am I going wrong and necessary fix for the same.

Gangadhar says January 25, 2010

Hi Atul,

Is it possible to install webcenter suite in HP-UX 11.11.And also please let us know how to deploy webcenter suite to E business suite R12.


Paul says March 18, 2010

Hi Atul,
This is a good doc. Very helpful. Thanks for your efforts for putting together this doc.


mvmn says April 1, 2010


Thank you very much for the document.

Do you happen to know about WebLogic Portal installation with WebCenter Suite? The Suite whitepaper says WebLogic Portal is included, but the Suite installer (i.e. as for generic version) doesn’t seem to install WebLogic Portal.
Should it be installed separately, or am I just missing something?

Umesh says June 18, 2010

Need your expert help on installing and configuring the WebCentre Just for the info, updating you the Successfully installed stuff on Redhat Linux 5 X86_64 server;
– Oracle 11g R2
– Oracle RCU
– Weblogic (11gR2 – 10.3.3- latest version)

While installing the latest WebCentre, immediately after the prerequisite check, throw’s up an exceptions of INST-07010, INST-07286, INST-07100, INST-07293 to which failed to resolve, though properly setting the MW_HOME, as per the standard installation procedure followed.

Am new to this facing difficulties, help me.

Thanks in advance.

Atul Kumar says June 19, 2010

@ Umesh,
Did you install latest version (11g R1 PS2) directly or you are first installing webcenter 11gR1 PS1( ?

Check this

Umesh says June 22, 2010

Thanks Atul,
Directly installed latest version (11g R1 PS2).

Atul Kumar says June 23, 2010

I don’t think you can directly install webcenter as this is just patchset. You first need to install webcenter and then upgrade it to (This is valid of SOA & WebCenter)

For OSB – this is complete software and you can install it directly . (I know this is bit tricky to find out which one is patchset and which one is full software)

Use this chapter in WebCenter Installation Guide to upgrade from to

Rajesh P says April 6, 2011

i don’t how to install oracle webcenter, will you please guide me how to install and how to work?
Thank you

Atul Kumar says April 6, 2011

@ Rajesh P,

Latest WebCenter version is . Use steps mentioned here

Indu Prabha says May 13, 2011

Hi Atul,
I have installed Oracle Webcenter with all the steps, but after restarting the admin server as well as all the Managed Server, I am not being able to launch http://:/webcenter/spaces.
My problem is similar to Abhijit. I have tried many times but am not getting the problem.

Atul Kumar says May 14, 2011

@ Indu,
What is version of webcenter and weblogic server ?

What port you are using for spaces, did you check log file of spaces managed server ?

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