Step by Step Install of Oracle 11g SOA/JDeveloper/Webcenter

Jdeveloper 11g version also includes SOA Suite (11g) & Webcenter (11g) . In this post we will cover part I of Step by Step Install of 11g SOA Suite or 11g Jdeveloper or 11g Webcenter Suite.

Download Software

i) Download Oracle 11g SOA/Jdeveloper/Webcenter software from here
–Windows Users download (Certief on windows XP, though works on other version as well)
–Linux/Others download

ii) Download Java (JDK 5) from here
No need if you are installing it on windows as JDK already included in
Once you install java (JDK 5) on linux it will be installed under /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_X

iii) Download Oracle Database from here 
— Oracle Database Enterprise Edition ( & higher) or Express Edition ( is supported with Oracle 11g Jdeveloper/SOA/Webcenter suite
— To download, install  Oracle Enterprise Edition database click here

Installation Steps
1. Install Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)
2. Install/Load SOA Schema
3. Install SOA or JDeveloper 

Install Database
Install Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)  is already covered in above link (Use same method to install database EE and upgarde it to

Load/Install 11g SOA Schema
–Create directory (This will become ORACLE_HOME for 11g SOA Suite or Jdeveloper) like
mkdir -p /oracle/apps/jdev11g/apps

— Copy software to above directory
— Unzip above zip file using unzip
— Run below command from /directory_where_above_software_unzip / rcu/ integration/ soainfra/ sql
sqlplus sys/sys_password as sysdba
Create User adrs_soainfra using below script
 @createuser_soainfra_oracle_all.sql adrs_soainfra adrs_password SYSTEM TEMP 
(This step will create user adrs_soainfraunder system tablespace and grant necessary privileges)
— Create Schema using new user 
 @createschema_soainfra_oracle_all.sql adrs_soainfra

This finishes loading of SOA Suite schema in to database, in next post we’ll cover 11g JDeveloper + 11g SOA Suite + 11g Webcenter Suite

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waqasmadani says March 26, 2010

Please inform me about similar link but in Windows version….

This link teaches about Linux…

I want to take Windows Installation Steps…

Rupesh says July 28, 2010

Hi Atul,
I confused this post with the bellow one

Both are same ?


Atul Kumar says July 28, 2010

@ Rupesh,
Steps here are mainly for Jdeveloper (development framework) mainly targeted for developers

where as steps mentioned in are for deployment (prod/non prod)

In Jdev there is single JVM to host all applications . Check part II of this and you will understand.

Think this as JDK & JRE (This is bad example but good enough to corelate)

Rupesh says July 28, 2010

Okay…got it. Thanks Atul.


santosh hegde says October 13, 2010

HI!!!!!!!!! i am going to Install Oracle 11g R1 on Windows XP SP2 ……..

by Clicking Next. The installer will conduct a Product-Specific Prerequisite Check ……. In result i am getting..

checking network configuration requirements…. states gives “Warning”

and all other requirements succeeded ……….please solve this problem

Atul Kumar says October 14, 2010

@ Santosh,
Please ignore warning as I suppose this is because you are runnign DHCP.

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