How to create FMW 11g schemas (SOA, WebCenter) on Solaris (non Windows/Linux) platform ?

RCU – Repository Creation Utility (more information here ) is certified only on Windows and Linux , then how to create schema on database running on Solaris, AIX or HP-Unix ?

Download RCU on Linux/Windows machine and connect to database server (running on Solaris/HP-Unix) and load schema remotely (no client software required on Windows/Linux machine).

  • Download either windows or Linux version of RCU (from here – under “Required Additional Software“) on your windows or Linux machine .
  • Ensure that Windows/Linux machine can connect to remote database server on database listener port. 
  • Start rcu from windows/Linux machine and connect to your database on Solaris/AIX/HP-Ux machine remotely (database client software is NOT required on Windows/Linux machine)  steps here


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neworacledba says March 6, 2010

I’ve created database-based repository using rcu…what should i do next

Atul says March 6, 2010

Now you can install fusion middleware product like SOA 11g here

or Webcenter

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