Reader’s Question : Autoconfig : What is difference between, and

Here is one of Reader’s Question around Autoconfig in Oracle Apps 11i/R12 “What is difference between, and ?

To those who are new to Oracle Applications , using AutoConfig you can reconfigure your Oracle E-Business Suite configuration from values mentioned in $CONTEXT_FILE  . To know more about Autoconfig click here  or read chapter 5 from Oracle Applications Concept guide here : is a wrapper around autoconfig script($AD_TOP/bin/ . a) For application Tier this file is located in $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME (in R12) or $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME (in 11i)
b) For Database Tierthis file file is in $ORACLE_HOME/ appsutil/ scripts $CONTEXT_NAME (both 11i & R12)

This file invokes $AD_TOP/bin/ on Application Tier and $ORACLE_HOME/ appsutil/bin/ on Database Tier. : is script (which in turn calls to run Autoconfig tool which reconfigures application or database tier using context file (XML file) . is located in $AD_TOP/bin (For 11i & R12 Application Tier) and $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin (For 11i & R12 Database Tier)

So what is– Well I don’t think there is any script like ?  What do you think ?

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arnoud says February 1, 2010

I never heard of, but one never knows. It might be a wrapper around 🙂

jay says February 3, 2010


i am a new appsdba. & i am facing a problem in report output. when i run the active user request it complete normally. but when i see the output i got the erro FS-NOINIT

i dont know what error is this. this my prod server.
i am using 8.1.7 in windows NT.


vivek says February 3, 2010

Hi Jay
The possible reasons are you have applied a patch 4175764 which put extra space in the listener.ora check metalink for solution which says to apply a patch.

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