Troubleshooting OAM-OAAM integration

1. Error:

Oracle Access Manager Operation Error

The login form /oasa/loginPage.jsp defined for form authentication itself requires form authentication. It should be unprotected.

Contact your website administrator to remedy this problem.

Probable Solution:

The action URL specified for this authentication scheme should be unprotected using Anonymous authentication scheme. For instance, if you had specified the action param as shown here (action: /dummy) in the form authentication scheme, then you should create a new policy domain and add /dummy resource, specify anonymous authentication scheme in the Default Rules, Specify allow all in the authorization Rule. However, you will need to upgrade OAM to if you are using the older version.

2. Error:

UnsatisfiedLinkError: no obaccess in java.library.path (in webserver logs)

Probable Solution:

Add this E:\product\oracle\NetPoint\AccessSDK\AccessServerSDK\oblix\lib to the tomcat (where OASA is hosted) path variable. If the server hosting OASA application is weblogic, add this to startWeblogic.cmd to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

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