How to install Oracle Internet Directory in an existing cluster that is already upgraded to

There is one main production environment where we have OID installed and upgraded to later.

We have been setting up another production environment for disaster recovery purpose and had to use the same OID DB schema used in main production server. So we just replicated the database from main prod to disaster recovery servers.

While installing OID components newly in disaster recovery setup, I got a show stopper issue because of inconsistent version of DB schema and install version. We should first install , since the OID DB schema already has, you will see an error at the step “Specify Repository”. The error screenshot is given below.

I checked the existing components version in the schema using the command

select comp_id,version,status from app_registry; 

Below is the screenshot for the same.

Here is the Solution:

Login to sqlplus as sys user and perform the below step.

update orasso.wwc_version$ set version='';

Below is the screenshot for the same.

Be sure to commit the transaction otherwise you will see the same error.

Once the Oracle application server gets installed succesfully, you can upgrade the OID to or as per your requirement.

Before upgrading the OID, you have to perform this step.

update orasso.wwc_version$ set version='';

and install the patch for upgrade.

Helpful Docs:

metalink note 787603.1

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