Oracle Portal is not certified with OAM

Well, people might find it a bit stupid about the Post Title, but there are some surprises. In our production environment, we have Oracle Portal and OAM As usual, using the traditional approach we have used OSSO 10g to integrate Oracle Portal with OAM

The surprise here is that: Oracle Portal has never certified Oracle Portal with OAM However OAM is certified with OSSO 10g (we used and Oracle Portal is certified with OSSO 10g ( However SSO delegating authentication to OAM with Oracle Portal is an unsupported configuration. Well, this is true for Oracle Portal 10g and OAM too .

The OAM FAQ document talks about that. Points 4 and 5 talks about that.

Just to notify the Oracle Consultants out there that if you have a Oracle Portal and OAM in your architecture, it is good to validate with Oracle during project bidding time otherwise you may not receive support from Oracle for an unsupported configuration.

Coming to the supported version: Oracle Portal and Oracle Access Manager

You must upgrade OAM to 11g and Portal to

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Atul Kumar says May 3, 2011

🙂 Just for others benefit, This is also applicable to discoverer.

Henry Wong says May 4, 2011

This exactly describe what we are battling with. We are building OFMW 11g and migrating all 10g JAVA apps (including Portal, Forms and Report, Discoverer) over. For 10g P/F/R/D we have OSSO and OID. In 11g we wanted to use OAM ( and OID 11g.

What we have succefully tested and working is having Portal 11g ( configured with 10g OSSO but using OAM doing all authentication and authorization. According to what you have said, this is not a Oracle certified setup?

I also came across a Oracle doc indicating one can have Portal configured with 10gOSSO and have 10g OSSO handles the authentication and pass authorization to OAM. Now if Oracle published this doc, then this setup should be certified, right?

So with Portal, OAM, OSSO 10g, there is no certified setup to use OAM as the central authentication and authoriaztion service, right?

Atul Kumar says May 4, 2011

@ Henry Wong,
Any reason for not using OAM 11g and goign for OAM 10g ?

My preference would be to stick to OAM 11g which is now certified with all Fusion Middleware 11g products and Oracle apps R12 .

For Portal, Disco, Forms/reports 11g install 10g OSSO with 11g OID and then migrate from OSSO to OAM 11g (this again is certified configuration) . Revert back if you think otherwise

Mahendra says May 5, 2011


Porta configured with 10g OSSO and OAM will work in development environment. However if you move it to Production env where you will see load balancers, clustering involved, you will need some extra work to do for Portal integration. I am sure about this.

If Oracle published a doc, it is not necessary that it is certified setup, though it is strange to say.

You have to be wise in taking decision to go for which version of products. If it is in initial stages of project, better to get it certified with Oracle about the integration certifications.

Good luck.

larry143 says March 14, 2012

Nice post, very useful.

I also found a support note for the above at Support note “Certification of Oracle Portal 11g with Identity Management 11g [ID 1279257.1]”

Thanks, Mahendra and Atul.

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