How to install Bundle Patch (BP) on OAM – BP02 (10368022) OAM

Last week I discussed about OAM (Access Manager) 11g certification with E-Business Suite R12 for Single Sign-On here . Under this certification OAM 11g should be with BP02 (Bundle Patch 02) i.e.  In this post I am going cover how to apply patches in OAM 11g and update OAM from to (10368022).

I discussed about Bundle Patch in OAM 10g earlier  here  In today’s post I am going to cover steps to apply patch in OAM 11g and prepare it for integration with E-Business Suite R12.

Patches in Oracle Access Manager are grouped together and named as bundle patch (BP). These bundle patches are specific to installer release which means, there is BP01, BP02 … BP0N for OAM; similarly there is Bundle Patch 01, 02 for OAM and resp.
As of today (3 May 2011) latest available BP for OAM is on BP02 (10368022), OAM is BP07 (11682261) and OAM is BP11 (8829778) . For more information refer metalink note 736372.1 OAM Bundle Patch Release History .


Key points to install OAM BP02 (10368022)

1. Bundle Patch (BP) in OAM 11g are applied using opatch utility in ORACLE_HOME/OPatch (where ORACLE_HOME should be set to OAM 11g software i.e. Oracle_IDM1/2)

2. You should be on at least OAM or OAM 11gR1 BP01 i.e.

3. OAM 11g BP02 i.e. is Server Side patch only i.e. No patching for WebGate or AccessGate is required (This is applicable just for BP02 as of today)

4. If you are planning to apply BP02 on OAM server with BP01 already applied i.e., then there is no need to remove BP01 from system (BP02 can be applied on top of BP01)

5. Use opatch to install OAM bundle patch (Note that there are two opatch, one in each ORACLE_HOME under MW_HOME i.e. one in oracle_common and second in Oracle_IDM1. Your ORACLE_HOME environment should be set to Oracle_IDM1/2 where OAM is installed) .

6. If you are not familiar with oraInventory then learn more about oraInventory here

7. If you use opatch with flag auto (-auto) then make sure Node Manageris configured and you can start OAM server from WebLogic Console (set StartScriptEnabled to true in With option -auto, opatch bounces OAM Managed Server (Admin Server and Node Manager should be running).

If you are planning to run opatch with option -auto on machine with multiple domains then look Neha’s post here

8.  List Oracle Access Manager (OAM) version and applied patches using  $ORACLE_HOME/ OPatch/ opatch lsinventory (where Oracle Home is pointing to directory in which OAM software is installed) Make sure that you get correct output like
Oracle IDM Suite                                           
There are 1 products installed in this Oracle Home.


9. Perform prereq. steps mentioned in READ ME of patch (10368022)

10. Shutdown OAM Managed server (This is required only if you are applying patch without -auto mode)

11. Apply patch using opatch apply

12. Test patch by running “opatch lsinventory

You should see output like
Oracle IDM Suite                                           
There are 1 products installed in this Oracle Home.
Interim patches (1) :

Patch  10368022     : applied on Fri May 06 16:28:33 BST 2011
Unique Patch ID:  13559507
Created on 1 Feb 2011, 04:21:35 hrs PST8PDT
Bugs fixed:
10021199, 10023607, 10074740, 10023625, 9977946, 10246619, 10368022
10366135, 9927123, 10028066, 10063987, 10358262, 10374715, 10186552
9980958, 9919231, 10216429, 10414606, 10119361, 10637364, 9887832
10268728, 10014363, 10395803, 10324002, 10414487, 10101919, 9936384
10268943, 9908111, 10231560, 10168999, 9956832, 9979140, 9927402
10030171, 11662235, 10015029, 10094106, 10046811, 9947699, 9916485




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Sunil says June 6, 2011

Can someone help me to know what should i fill up for this question during opatch?

Please enter the WebLogic applications directory location():>


Atul Kumar says June 6, 2011

Which patch is asking for weblogic application directory ?

What option you selected with opatch ?

Usually application directory for domain is under $MW_HOME/user_projects/applications/base_domain

This could be different and under location specified during domain creation.

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Vivek Sharma says November 1, 2012

Hi Atul/Neha,

I see on page 78 of the ebook, you have a step to apply BP02 patch. But there is no follow up on that later in the book.

Is the patch applied? And if yes, then are the steps missing?


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