Bug Report Error: Tried to change the password through Lost Password redirect URL

Environment details: The architecture has OAS, OAM, and OIM and installed in production server node. The OID version is OID is used as user store for OAM. User can reset the password through lost password redirect URL.

Problem: Got bug report error while user tired to reset the password through lost password redirect URL.

Note: Password gets updated in OID.

Recent change, we have implemented reverse password synchronization OAM to OIM. More info clicks here.

Regarding this implementation we have deployed supportive jars for client program under /u01apps/oaminstall/identity/_jvmIdentity/lib/ext and restarted IS.

After further research, I found the solution for this issue. This problem happened because of JARS.

Solution: Removed unwanted jars from this location /u01apps/oaminstall/identity/_jvmIdentity/lib/ext. (Jar name: log4j-1.2.8.jar).

The above issue gets disappeared after restarted the IS.

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An Oracle Identity and Access Management professional, having working on Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On implementations, Installation/Configuration of Identity Server, Web Pass, Web Gate, Access Gate, Policy Manager, Access Server, Policy Domains, Authentication /Authorization schemes, Single Sign-On (single and multi-domain), OIM, OVD, OID, OAAM, OIF, High Availability/Failover/ SSL deployment.

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