How to find latest changelog number (or changes) in OID ?

Oracle Internet Directory record all its changes in changelog, if attributes orclgeneratechangelog is enabled for Directory Instance. Applications like E-Business Suite, Portal or other LDAP servers (AD or Sun Directory Server) subscribe to OID’s changelog to synchronise changes from OID.

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) configured with LDAPSych also uses change log to reconcile data from OID.

To find latest changenumber in OID 

a) Set ORACLE_HOME to OID Oracle Home


c) Run ldapsearch command for container “cn=changelog”

ldapsearch -h <oid_hostname> -p <oid_port> -D “cn=orcladmin” -w <orcladmin_passwd> -b “cn=changelog” -s one  “objectclass=*” changenumber

For OID running on machine and listening on port 3060 with orcladmin password as welcome1 run below LDAP command

ldapsearch -h -p 3060 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w welcome1 -b “cn=changelog” -s one  “objectclass=*” changenumber


How to enable/disable changelog in OID? 

To enable to disable changelog in OID change attribute orclgeneratechangelog for entry “cn=oid[n], cn=osdldapd, cn=subconfigsubentry” (1 to enable and 0 to disable) . More information here

 Note: If you are NOT using changelogs in OID (No provisioning or synchronisation) then for performance reasons it is recommended to disable changelog  

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nutrition says November 18, 2011

Good post, i liked it..

quanns says May 17, 2016

I have tried this command in my oid server, but it return nothing. after that I login to Oracle Directory Server and access changelog but the system return an announcement like “no result found”.
could you tell me the reason why? I cant reconcile data from oid to oim because of this. no changelog number is found.

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