Integrate E-Business Suite with Oracle WebCenter ( using OID and OAM (11g) as SSO

This post covers high level steps to integrate Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) R12 with Oracle WebCenter 11g R1 including Oracle Access Manager (SSO solution) and Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP Server)

EBS Suite integration with WebCenter is very well explained in My Oracle Support Note 1074345.1, here are high level steps from this note

1. Install WebCenter
2. Install OID/OAM
3. Integrate OAM with OID
4. Integrate EBS R12 with OID/OAM for SSO
5. Integrate WebCenter with OID/OAM for SSO
6. Integrate EBS R12 with WebCenter
7. Test EBS, OID, OAM, and WebCenter Integration


1. Install WebCenter

1.1 Install Database for WebCenter

1.2 Create schema for webcenter using Repository Creation Utility (RCU). More on RCU here

1.3 Install JDK (for 64 bit OS and IBM & HP-UX machines only)

1.4 Install WebLogic Server 10.3.5, more on WebLogic installation here and for 64bit WebLogic installation here

1.5 Install WebCenter Suite software (You must install webcenter under MiddleWare Home – MW_HOME created after installing WebLogic Server in previos step). More on MW_HOME, WL_HOME, ORACLE_HOME here

1.6 Configure WebLogic Domain ($MW_HOME/ oracle_common/ common/ bin/ ) and create WebCenter Managed Servers. More on WebLogic Domain, Admin and Managed Server here

1.7 Test WebCenter URLs


2. Install OID/OAM 

You can check our eBook for step by step installation of OAM , OID and integration with Oracle Apps R12

2.1 Install Database for OID/OAM (You can also use database created for WebCenter)

2.2 Create schema for OID/OAM using Repository Creation Utility (RCU) 2.3 Install JDK (for 64 bit OS and IBM & HP-UX machines only) 2.4 Install WebLogic Server 10.3.5

Note: If OID/OAM/WebCenter are then you can use single Middleware Home and WebLogic Home for all three products i.e. OID, OAM & OIM

2.5 Install OID Suite (This is base software and OID is patchset only)

2.6 Install OID Suite (OID is patch set only and must be installed on top of

2.7 Install OAM Suite

2.8 Configure OID by running from OID ORACLE_HOME/bin (include DIP and ODSM): DIP is used in OID to EBS Integration 

2.9 Configure Oracle Access Manager by running from $MW_HOME/ oracle_common/ common/ bin


3. Integrate OAM with OID : OAM by default uses WebLogic’s embedded LDAP server. This step will configure OAM to use OID as identity Store. More on integration of OAM 11g R1 with OID here


4. Integrate EBS with OID/OAM

4.1 Register EBS with OID

4.2 Install EBS AccessGate on WebLogic Server

4.3 Install OHS Server and configure mod_wl_ohs to forward requests to WebLogic server on which EBS acccessGate is deployed (more on mod_wl_ohs here)

4.4 Configure WebGate instance for webgate on OHS either by RREG or OAMConsole.

4.5 Install WebGate on OHS server. More on RREG and installing WebGate here

4.6 Set EBS Profile options to enable SSO

4.7 Test EBS-OAM/OID integration


5. Integrate WebCenter with OID/OAM

5.1 Install OHS Server for WebCenter ( is base OHS software and 11.1.13/4/5 are patchset)

5.2 Apply OHS patchset ( is latest patchiest as of Feb 2012)

5.3 Configure  mod_wl_ohs to forward request to WebCenter Managed Servers

5.4 Configure OID as Authentication Provider in WewbCenter’s weblogic security realm. More on OID as authentication provider in WebLogic here

5.5 Configure an Instance of webgate for webcenter OHS in OAM (use RREG or OAMconsole) – Create protected & public resource either using RREG (during agent registration) or manually later

5.6 Install WebGate with webcenter OHS server. More on RREG and installing WebGate here

5.7 Configure OAM Identity Asserter as Authentication Provider in WewbCenter’s Weblogic Security realm

5.8 Change login properties of WebCenter using WLST – addOAMSSOProvider

5.9 Configure WebCenter to use SSO by adding java property


6. Integrate WebCenter with EBS

6.1 Allow webcenter host to access /OA_HTML/portlet/* by adding IP address/Hostname of webcenter machine in s_trusted_portals

6.2 Run Autoconfig in EBS

6.3 Register EBS producer with Oracle WebCenter either using WLST (registerWSRPProducer) or FMW enterprise manager /em

6.4 Add EBS Portlet to webcenter page

6.5 Turn off public access to webcenter spaces page using webcenter administration screen

6.6 Optionally set WebCenter Spaces as EBS Homepage by setting profile option Application SSO Type and Application Portal


7. Test EBS/WebCenter integration

7.1 Try accessing EBS URL

7.2 EBS should redirect to EBS AccessGate login page /ebsauth_/OAMLogin.jsp (where ebsauth_ is context used during EBS-AG deployment)

7.3 After login

a) If profile options Application SSO Type is set to Portal w/SSO and Application Portal is set to Webcenter Spaces page then user should land on webcenter spaces page (without logon prompt to webcenter space)

b) If above two profile option values are NOT set then after logon to EBS, on same browser session try access WebCenter spaces URL. User should be able to logon without second password prompt.

7.4 From WebCenter spaces access page containing EBS portlet, you should be able to see EBS Portlets without password prompt.


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devesh says December 4, 2014

Hi Atul ,

I have integrated Webcenter 11g with E-BusinessS Suite R12. I have also set Application SSO Type to “Portal w/SSO” and Application Portal is set to Webcenter Spaces page. Now when i try to login in E-business suite, I get SSO page and after getting authenticated I am getting webcenter portal login page .Just want to know why I am getting webcenter screen to login again?

fork says March 20, 2015

Is it possible to integrate Webcenter with EBS R11i ( ? I couldn’t find any information or documentation about this.


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