How to export Application specific policy data in OES 10g?

Long time ago I wrote a post on exporting and importing policies in OES 10g but that is full export and import. However if you want to only application specific policy data then this post is useful. is the tool used to export and import policies, however there are other ways/tools used for import but in different contexts but that subject is for another day.

The command syntax is  ./ -export policy_config_xml_file  export_file

policy_config_xml_file contains the scope of the application to be exported. This file is usually located at $OES_HOME/ales32-admin/config. The generic file is policyIX_config.xml. Take a backup of thsi file and rename it accordingly.

To export specific application contents then the config xml file contents is shown in below screenshot.

Verify the scope of the export in the tag export_configuration as shown below.

<clipping_scope value=”RootOrg!MahendraOrg!SampleOESApplication”/>
<target_ssm_version value=”3.x”/>

There is another important tag under import_configuration policy_load_procedure that specifies the mode of importing policies. The possible values for this tag are override or delete_existing.

<policy_load_procedure value=”override”/>

override: It overrides the existing policies

delete_existing: It deletes the existing policies and then creates a new policy

The sample output of export is shown below.

$ ./ -export ../config/policyIX_config_sampleApp.xml policies_sampleapp.xml
Uploading file:/opt/oracle/bea/wls10_3/ales32-admin/bin/../config/policyIX_config_sampleApp.xml
Upload complete
Exporting application RootOrg!MahendraOrg!SampleOESApplication…
Exporting admin roles …
all admin roles finished
Exporting resources …
all resources finished
Exporting action and action groups …
all action and action groups finished
Exporting dynamic attributes …
all dynamic attributes finished
Exporting roles …
all roles finished
Exporting membership rules …
all membership rules finished
Exporting authorization policies …
all authorization policies finished
Policy Propagation is finished
Downloading exported policy file…
Downloading finished

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