How to find/audit Failed Login Attempts in OID 11g

It is often required (for audit compliance or for troubleshooting) to record failed or successful login attempts for Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP Server from Oracle).

There are multiple ways (WLST, EM, LDIF, ODSM) to enable auditing in Oracle Internet Directory (OID)11g to record failed or successful logins and most simple way is to enable it via Enterprise Manager (/em) Console ( EM is an application deployed on weblogic and integrated with OID automatically during configuration or later using opmnctl registerinstance )

Failed or Successful login attempts to OID will be recorded in $ORACLE_INSTANCE/auditlogs/OID/[oid1]/audit-pid[*****].log (Note : login attempts are recorded in auditlogs and NOT diagnostics)



You will see output like “2012-08-12 19:20:51.914958 “OID” “004lvTcRpnnBx00_NxXBie0002vl0001Sn,0” – – “8089” – – “UserLogin” FALSE – “cn=Atul,cn=Users,dc=onlineappsdba,dc=com” “Operation name: bind” “49” “” – – – – “bind” “Simple:DN/Password Based“” ( Error code 49 means invalid credentials )





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David Richardson says August 28, 2012

And the beauty of this is that you can change the default behavior to Database and there are a series of OBIEE reports that tie into this nicely.

Atul Kumar says August 29, 2012

@ David,
Good point, I’ll try to cover that (both migrating audit logs from bustop-text files to database and deploying pre-built reports on OBIEE/XML Publisher)

JDJ says January 27, 2015

Hello there, how would I change the default location for the audit file?
I’ve looked everywhere for a configuration file to change this:

I found a configuration file inside Oracle_IDM/ldap/mas/templates/default
I modified the path there then modified a folder name. I bounced the servers then I checked and the folder was recreated with the default structure. My change did not matter.

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