How to configure em console after Oracle Application Server 10g or SOA 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) Application Server installation

Problem Description:

During the installation of Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) or SOA 10g (, the ascontrol application is configured automatically only when choosing a basic installation type. If an advanced installation type is chosen, there is an option to configure the ascontrol application for the instance being installed. On the “Administration Settings” screen, there is a checkbox named “Configure this as an Administration OC4J instance”, which must be checked if you would like the ascontrol to be configured to start and be routable automatically. Here unfortunately I missed this option to check and completed the installation. Later I have noticed I missed to enable the ascontrol application.

Here I have specified the steps to enable ascontrol after installation.

Step 1: Check the opmn status

opmnctl status -app

Following example, “ascontrol” row showing it is “stopped” and routable is set to “false”:

application type: OC4J
——+——————-+———+———+—————-+———-+—–                                                                             —
pid   | name              | state   | rtid    | classification | routable | pare                                                                             nt
——+——————-+———+———+—————-+———-+—–                                                                             —
27683 | Nexaweb           | started | g_rt_id | external       | true     | default
27683 | WSIL-App          | started | g_rt_id | internal       | true     | default
27683 | datatags          | started | g_rt_id | internal       | true     | default
27683 | default           | started | g_rt_id | external       | true     | system
27683 | ascontrol         | Stopped | g_rt_id | external       | false    | system
27683 | Xellerate         | started | g_rt_id | external       | true     | default
27683 | javasso           | stopped | g_rt_id | internal       | true     |      

Note this can be set to false and stopped because this instance was not chosen for ascontrol at installation time, or becomes disabled when creating a new instance.

If the status for the routable value is “false”, the Oracle HTTP Server will not recognize the /em location, as indicated by the error_log and browser errors. If it is configured to not start and route as designed, ASControl will not be found on the /em location.

Once you have confirmed that this is the instance desired for ASControl, the following will enable it for automatic startup and routing:

Step 2. Change the following ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/config/server.xml line –


<application name=”ascontrol” path=”../../home/applications/ascontrol.ear” parent=”system” start=”false” />


<application name=”ascontrol” path=”../../home/applications/ascontrol.ear” parent=”system” start=”true” />

Step 3. Change the following ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/config/default-web-site.xml line –


<web-app application=”ascontrol” name=”ascontrol” load-on-startup=”true” root=”/em” ohs-routing=”false” />


<web-app application=”ascontrol” name=”ascontrol” load-on-startup=”true” root=”/em” ohs-routing=”true” />

Step 4. Restart HTTP_Server and OC4J to ensure ascontrol is automatically started and routed:

opmnctl stopall

opmnctl startall

Step 5. Access the ASControl page:


Step 6. The ascontrol application should be starting automatically, but if it does not, the following can be tested to further troubleshoot:

opmnctl start -app

opmnctl startproc application=ascontrol

opmnctl start –app

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Mahendra says February 18, 2013

Great post, Sarath.

Deepak says February 3, 2015

The ascontrol has started but still the em is not accessible.
It throws “Page not found” error.

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