Integrating OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel

This post explains the integration of OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel application using IWA mechanism. Please refer the previous post for IWA implementation steps.

What is Bridge-way eCounsel?

Bridgeway eCounsel is the complete, easy-to-use matter management solution that lets you easily track every detail for any matter, assign and manage internal staff and outside counsel, manage your legal spend, analyze trends, and more—from anywhere, via the Web.

Bridge-way eCounsel Application has Suite-Manager wizard which lets us to manage the  identities/authentication mechanisms and other eCounsel specific features.

eCounsel is a web application that is deployed on WebLogic Servers. So we have used IIS as proxy for WebLogic defining IWA on IIS for OAM authentication purposes.

Follow the below steps to configure Suite Manager to perform SSO with eCounsel application.

Suite Manager SiteMinder integration changes:

Bridge-way supports Site-Minder as 3rd party SSO. Here we are impersonating the Site Minder using OAM WebGate by passing a header variable which is consumed by Bridge-way to allow user single sign-on.

  • Login to Suite Manager as administrator
  • Double Click on Authentication
  • Click on tab SiteMinder Integration
  • Specify the header variable name as sm-user. Please note that this is case-sensitive
  • Enable the checkbox SiteMinder Integration enabled
  • Click Save.

Suite Manager User Mapping:

Prior SSO, all the Bridge-way users should be mapped with Site-Minder ID which is the header variable passed by OAM webgate. Usually it is NT ID of the user coming from OAM User Store.

  • Login to Suite Manager with admin privileges
  • Double click on Users/Groups.
  • Search for the user id to be mapped in the Filter textbox
  • Edit the user
  • Specify NT ID in the SiteMinder ID field as shown in below screenshot.
  • Click Save
  • Repeat these steps for all eCounsel users.

Further steps will be continued in next post.


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