Upgrade OIM connector for Microsoft Exchange to Part I

In this post I am going to cover key points if you are upgrading OIM connector for Micosoft Exchange to version If you are new to connectors then check .NET VS Java ConnectorOIM connectrors for Microsoft Products, and issue with Exchange Connector


Things good to know while Installing/Upgrading Exchange Connectors

1. In order to install Microsoft Exchange Connector, you must first install Microsoft Active Directory User Management Connector

2. .NET based connector server must be install and configured before installing/configuring Active Directory User Management or Microsoft Exchange Connector

3. You will have three software if you are installing connector for Microsoft Exchange i.e.

a) Connector Server Software

b) Microsoft Active Directory User Management Connector Software

c) Microsoft Exchange Connector Software

For list of latest OIM Connector software click here


4. If you are upgrading Connector for Exchange Server then you can upgrade just Exchange Server Connector without need to upgrade Connector Server or AD User Management (AD-UM) i.e. Connector Server and AD-UM on version but Exchange Connector Software on version

5. If you have customized the connector then these customizations are overwritten during upgrade process, you must record all the customization and re-apply them after upgrade.

6. For new features introduced/supported as part of OIM Connector Server follow document here

7. For documentation on how to upgrade OIM connector including Exchange Connector click here



  • 1584536.1  Exchange Target Resource User Reconciliation Performance Problem with Distribution Groups
Stay tuned for steps by step instruction to upgrade OIM connector for Microsoft Exchange 


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