Certification 1Z0-133 Monitoring WebLogic Server Transactions : WebLogic 12c Administration Certification

In today’s post I am going to Monitoring WebLogic Server Transactions from topic Transactions  for WebLogic 12c Certification 1Z0-133 for Administrators .  If you have come directly on this post then first check first check




1. Monitoring of Transactions is configured at Server Level, go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Monitoring -> JTA

2. On Summary sub tab of JTA, you will see

a) Transaction Total Count
b) Transaction Committed Total Count : since re-start
c) Transaction Rolled Back Total Count : since re-start
d) Transaction Rolled Back for Timeout Total Count


3. To view transactional monitoring of a particular resource, go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Monitoring -> JTA -> [Select Resource]

4. If message during Transaction is recorded then you can view it in Server’s log $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/[name of Server]/logs

5. You can turn transaction debug flag for detailed transaction log messages go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Debug-> expand Weblogic -> expand Transaction  


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kalyan says May 14, 2015

i have a little confusion on nodemanager – machines
My Server(Application running) is at remote location & we can do operations from local windows machine..
i can able to access admin console from any local windows machine ..( connected in a N/W) \
I have seen that NodeManager configurations
– Listen Address = localhost
port -5566
so what it mean? I Think The Nodemanager Utility mainly used to accomplish tasks (start/stop) from local machines..
i.e To Accomplish such tasks from Any local host (say windows machine) – so that is ther reason Nodemanager is configured as localhost right!!
Correct me if any wrong understanding from myside!!!

Please clear me!!! thanks in advance!!!

Pavan Bhavani says October 17, 2015

It may be late but I think other viewers could get the clarity on your confusion. In the Windows or Unix machine localhost is by default value so whenever it is used standalone WebLogic domain then it will stop/ start the managed servers which are configured within the same machine and port number given as 5556. If you wish to use remote machine running Node manager you must contact AdminServer first then the request of start or stop will be passed to remote NodeManager. This is possible only when you configured with FQDN or IP Address of that machine which is mandatory. Where you cannot use locaalhost. Hence you need to modify machine configuration and nodemanager.properties file as well to reflect this. HTH Pavan

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