How to become Apps (R12.2) DBA Part III : Patching : ADOP



This is third part in series How to become Oracle Apps DBA from our Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Training. After Architecture and Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite (R12.2) next topic you should learn in Oracle Apps DBA Training is Patching.

There are major changes around Patching in Oracle EBS 12.2 so if you are an Apps DBA working on R12 or 11i then pay special attention to this topic.

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Here are some of the key points we are going to cover in Apps DBA Training

  • Type of Patches in Oracle EBS
  • Two files system (fs1 & fs2) in EBS 12.2 to support Online Patching
  • Edition Based Redefinitions – EBR
  • Version editions during patching – Run, Patch, Old
  • ADOP – New Patching Tool in EBS 12.2
  • Patching Phases in 12.2 : Prepare, Apply, Finalize, Cutover, Cleanup
  • Useful notes related to Online Patching
  • Lab Exercises where you’ll apply patches on EBS 12.2 installed by you on previous day.

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