Why Fresher Oracle DBA Doesn’t Get Interview Calls ? Interview Questions for Oracle DBA 12c

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Why Fresher Oracle DBA Doesn't Get Interview Calls? What's the Reason...

Every day We get email/messages from college graduates asking about Oracle DBA role , on our discussion one thing that is common with most of the candidates is not getting enough interview calls even after submitting CVs.  We go through lot of CVs on daily basis for our internal team/clients and main reason behind why we think Fresher Oracle DBA Doesn’t Get Interview Calls is ….

A poorly written resume can be a major obstacle to getting an interview for an Oracle DBA fresher job, but even if you have crafted a clear, concise and attractive  resume and covering letter It can still seem impossible getting Interview call for these competitive positions. Making the wrong resume can prevent you from making progress in your career.  So, you need to make sure that your resume shows you are the right candidate for the job.

Targeting your resume and covering letter to a specific position is very important . Addressing your covering letter to the right person and making sure your resume demonstrate you have the skills listed in the job description can show an employer that you are serious about working for them. Resume is the mirror image of You as ideal candidate.

You need to make it clear that you have the necessary skills and qualification in order to get an interview Try to be as specific as possible and to give examples, rather than just listing the skills you have learned during your studies. If you are applying for a job as an Oracle DBA fresher , then apart for highlighting your Oracle Skills,  you should not forget to mention your other skills such as team work and communication (with examples).

Lack of experience is a major cause of difficulties obtaining an interview for an Oracle DBA fresher position Candidates who have some real world experience will always be preferred. Your resume should make the most of any experience you have, even if it was unpaid. You can install Oracle database 12c (or 11g) on your Laptop (preferably on Linux using VirtualBox or VMWarwe). You should attempt some of the project specific activity like Start/Stop, Backup/Recovery, Patching, Cloning, Upgrade etc

Now let’s come to the main point, As a Oracle DBA you need to improve your database administrator skill . Your Knowledge of database and practice on some of the most common DBA tasks can boost your confidence. Without self confidence you won’t be able to convenience your interviewer. Your voice will be showing your self confidence and smart HR  consultants have skill and analysis to judge your confidence level. Hence we can say that without actually doing Oracle Database tasks (try installing database on your own machine) like start/stop install patch, clone , backup/recovery at least on your personal computer, you will find it difficult to clear interview.

You can also look at what kind of interview questions to expect for DBA role this can help you in clearing those interview which you got after improving your above skills.

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Oracle DBA 12c Interview Question

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