Hey!! My Plans For 2018 What’s Yours?


It’s already 4 Days in 2018 and I can’t wait to hear your plans for 2018 and share mine but before that Wish you a very Happy New Year from me and from my entire team at K21Academy.

Today’s Blog is going to be slightly different than my usual weekly blog (going forward, every first Thursday, I’ll share behind the scene personal stories of me and some of my students like you, who have made significant changes in their Career).

My Mission for You in 2018

If you look at ForbesCloud Adoption is going to grow further in 2018 and it is no Brainer to Start learning Cloud and you as (DBAs, Apps DBAs, IdM consultants or Fusion Middeware Admin, PaaS or IaaS) is natural choice.

My mission for 2018 is to have at least 250 Certified Oracle Consultants.

Over coming weeks (twice a week), I’ll be sharing FREE material on Oracle Cloud Certification, covering What to Study, Related Documentation, What Question to expect in Certification, Mock Paper etc.

Click here if you are interested to hear more about Database Cloud Service Certification 1Z0-160 (If you are interested in any other Cloud Certification then hit reply).

Here is the First Teaser

First Topic in Cloud Certification is about Cloud Offerings from Oracle in DBCS. You should know about service models SaaSPaaSIaaS, two Services Models in DBCS (i.e. Virtual Image or Automated) or Architecture of DBCS. Check all this and more at … Read More

Next topic is about Deploying Databases in Cloud so stay tuned for some tips and type of questions to expect in Cloud Certification 1Z0-160.

Identity & Access Management

IDM is still my highest revenue skill for me personally and lot of my students. Check Below What my students have to say for the same..

Check My Own Personal Earning Graph Because of IDM

With Cloud, demand for security consultant is going to grow only so, We’ll be updating our IdM Courses OAM/OIDEBS-OAM IntegrationOracle Unified Directory (OUD) with 12c Version and include SAML/Federation based integrations (those who already paid or going to buy in this month will get 12c Version will get it absolutely FREE).

Note: You get FREE enhancements & unlimited Retake for next 3 Years in all our courses.

We’ve recently added Cloning of IDM products and HA & DR in Active-Active setup across data center.

Note: Consultants with Cloning & HA/DR in Active-Active across data center for Identity Management Usually Earn Much Higher

Oracle Apps DBAs

IF you are ready to take your Apps DBA career to next level in 2018 then check out bonus Training Online Patching (ADOP) in R12.2 worth 497 USD, absolutely FREE Added for limited time only.

FREE Course: Online Patching (ADOP) in R12.2 for Apps DBAs

I am starting my Signature Training course “Oracle EBS (R12) – OAM Integration for SSO” on 14th January 2018.

I’ve decided to give bonus Masterclass on Online Patching (ADOP) in R12.2but for a limited time only!! So hurry up and register for the course http://k21academy.com/ebsoam03 (for Step by Step Guides we cover in Training check http://k21academy.com/ebsoam05)

What Is Online Patching (ADOP) In R12.2?

Online patching reduces downtime to almost zero (only downtime is time it takes to re-start services), and uses Dual File System in R12.2.

Online Patching (ADOP) is must know, here is sneak peek of FREE Video from sample lesson

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) : OAM, WebLogic, EM

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) provides both command line (using WLST) and GUI (using three different Consoles) to manage OAM configuration (Define ATN & ATZ Policies, Create WebGates, Session and Logouts etc).

Know More About 3 in Consoles OAM

Paid Training – Learn from Oracle Experts to Grow Quickly and Earn Higher in 2018

  1. Join Oracle Identity & Access Manager (OAM) starting on 7th January 2018
    Check Step-by-Step activity guide that we cover in training
  2. Join Oracle EBS (R12) – OAM Integration for SSO starting from 14th Jan 2018
    Check Step-by-Step activity guide that we cover in training
  3. Join Oracle Unified Directory starting from 21st Jan 2018
    Check Step-by-Step guide that we cover in training
  4. Join Waitlist for Oracle Cloud DBA Certification 1Z0-160


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